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Roseanne Waleleng, Staff Reporter

Roseanne Waleleng is a Chief Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. Ever since late elementary school, graphic designing has always fascinated her. Once she got her hands on PhotoShop, she could not stop using it. The process of creating graphics has always been enjoyable for her. For instance, the design of a page helps to guide the reader, as it tells them what to look at. Thinking of creative ways to capture the reader's’ attention is what makes designing a page a fun challenge. Outside of school, Roseanne spends her free time playing video games, reading comics, and creating graphics. She is fond of strategy and action-orientated games such as ‘Fire Emblem’ and ‘Persona.’ Her fondness for the action genre also carries into the comics that she reads; her favorite series include ‘Detective Comics,’ ‘Spider-Gwen,’ and ‘All New Wolverine.’ She also continues to improve on her graphic design skills by watching tutorials or creating new graphics to post on her blog. After high school, Roseanne wishes to continue graphic design in college.

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Roseanne Waleleng