I’ll Always Remember You: Reminiscing Over the Past Four Years at Bronx Science


Nate Lentz

Seniors celebrated ‘Senior T-Shirt Day’ in style, one of countless memories that we have made over our past four years at Bronx Science.

Our Ninth grade year: This was time that most of us probably do not want to remember. From carrying fifty different notebooks in our backpacks to walking into the wrong classrooms, it was a year filled with outdated fashion trends, ugly eyebrows, the mannequin challenge, and everyone telling us, “it only gets more difficult.” (To any ninth grader reading this article, they were right!). But who would have known that we would also find our lifelong friends and our future passions during our ninth grade year? From theatre kids to robotics members, there is a place for everyone at Bronx Science. 

“I’ll always cherish… the Icebreakers activity that I did in my first class ever, Drama… I didn’t expect much to come out of it, but during an otherwise monotonous handshaking exercise, a guy yelled at me, ‘Hey, you’re in my homeroom, right?’ and he turned out to be my first friend at Bronx Science and someone whom I’m still close to today. It’s something that I’ll always cherish because it kickstarted four years of great memories and laughter with him out of nowhere. Knowing what I know now, embracing the unexpected has brought me a lot of happiness, and I’ll always treasure that memory,” said Garreth Hui ’20. 

Sophomore year: This was a time where we thought we knew it all (We didn’t).

“Who let me draw my eyebrows like that?” said Jean Namgung ’20. 

“During my sophomore year, Mr. Lam asked us to talk about our lives during his monthly notebook checks and gave us a participation grade for it. He always gave us advice. I wasn’t very good at Physics, but I learned a lot. He taught me to enjoy the little things in life,” said Angela Luo ’20.

Junior year: This was a time where we started to get serious about the college process. Although our workload was unmatched, we got to know ourselves a little bit better. It was a time where we stopped focusing on who we were and started figuring out who we wanted to be. And between the many sleepless nights and hours of homework, we made lifelonmg memories with some of the best friends we ever could have asked for. 

“I’ll always remember the time in AP American Studies when Dillon Murugesan thought that Benjamin Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence,” said Cassandra Ng ’20!

Senior year: This was the time where we finally realize how much we are going to miss Bronx Science when we’ve graduated. No, we won’t miss how early we have to wake up or the workload, but we’ll miss going to our favorite classes, eating lunch with our group of friends, going to debate meetings, musical rehearsals, and sports practices. We’ll miss all of the Vallo bus trips and subway rides to and from school. We’ll miss our student MetroCards and ou ID pictures. We’ll miss it all. 

“A moment that I’ll always remember at Bronx science was when I broke a school record with all of my teammates watching. That moment made me realize how close I had gotten with them in the few years we’ve known each other. I was not only proud of what I had accomplished, but was happy with the people whom I had surrounded myself with during these past four years of high school,” said Jonathan King’20.

High school always seemed like it would never end. But as we’ve reached the end, we realize how special our journey at Bronx Science has been. From The Breakfast Club to High School Musical, we may not have had impromptu musical numbers or choreographed dances (although, it would’ve been nice), but we’ve had four years of laughter, smiles, and tears. We might not remember each day, but we hold onto the little moments that made each day special.

With the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, we’ll always remember Bronx Science and the people who make it worth the trip. 

With the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, we’ll always remember Bronx Science and the people who make it worth the trip.