Wolverine Waves


Yi Lan Zhang

The hallway is for the commute to classes but for Samama Moontaha ’21, it also serves as her stage. “Being exposed to the amazing team and having the opportunity to increase school spirit and spread smiles through entertainment is an experience I will never regret,” said Moontaha.

Eight years ago, the Wolverine TV started their first edition of school news broadcasting. Every Thursday in homeroom, an episode created through the blood and sweat of the staff is broadcasted for the whole school community to watch. “WTV has become an icon of the creativity and talent our school has to showcase,” Shaon Barua ’21 said. With the school year almost over, the current staff bids their graduating seniors good luck and opens arms to new joiners of the team. The year has flown by with several episodes of competitiveness, behind the scenes, and smiles.

Segments like Get Along With Rong and Criss Crossing with Chris have grabbed the attention of the student body, challenging Bronx Science students to trivia and sport games every week. All is fun on camera however, the staff sometimes face unpredictable obstacles behind the scene. When Alyson Chin had to film a clip for her segment-Let’s See Who Wins with Alyson Chin-on the last day before Christmas Break, the scheduled sports team did not show up. Let’s See Who Wins with Alyson Chin is oriented around the school sports, instigating a competitive round of games between student athletes. After 20 minutes of waiting, Chin tried to find a solution. She came up with an inside-joke episode featuring the [imaginary] football team. “You can say that I’m the unofficial owner of our school’s invisible football team,” Chin said.

WTV has served as a thriving platform for Bronx Science students who seek to step out of their comfort shells and express more community.

WTV has been a creative outlet for me to express myself all while contributing back to the Bronx Science community that has helped me so much to become who I am today,” said Chris Yeung ’19.

From the recording of segments to the editing, WTV has been a source of learning and tall tales for the leaving seniors. “I knew almost nothing about editing at the beginning of WTV, but with the help of fellow crew members, my edits were able to become more and more sophisticated,” said Rong Feng Ye ’19.

Along with the graduating seniors, old favorites will be terminated including Come Along with Rong, Criss Crossing with Cross, Let’s See Who Wins with Alyson Chin, and Get with it Get With it With Garreth. However, don’t fret because some segments will continue next year such as Drama with Samama. Samama Moontaha ’21 is also the assistant director of WTV next year. “What I look forward to next year as assistant director is involving more of the student body and working with the new members for a team that would make an impression and encourage others to go beyond their comfort zones to explore captivating and enjoyable opportunities that are not entirely academic,“ Moontaha said.

New segments like Dive In with Darya will review special events planned for the week, ask trivial questions to the school, and perform a variety of games. The new staff members have fresh ideas for the next season but have kept it a surprise for the student body to look forward to when school starts again in September.

Season 8, that’s a wrap! Season 9, coming soon.