Representatives of Bronx Science Unite!

“I look forward to attending the S.O. 9th period meetings daily and communicating with students representing the whole student body. What’s great about having student representatives from all classes is that it allows members of the S.O. to learn and to mentor each other, showing kind and great examples to follow, said Baboucarr Gaye ‘20.

Adam Israelevitz

“I look forward to attending the S.O. 9th period meetings daily and communicating with students representing the whole student body. What’s great about having student representatives from all classes is that it allows members of the S.O. to learn and to mentor each other, showing kind and great examples to follow,” said Baboucarr Gaye ‘20.

“Step right up and get your free popcorn and cotton candy!” says a worker at the Spring Carnival. The courtyard fills with laughing students eager to play games. Bronx Science is surrounded by the sweet and salty aromas of popcorn and cotton candy. Students frantically run to line up for free snacks and other limited edition foods like ‘Wafels & Dinges.’

The Spring Carnival is one of many events and activities that the Student Organization (S.O.) is responsible for organizing; others include the annual Monster Mash, Winter Wonderland, and Mental Health Week, all of which help Bronx Science students manage their academics while enjoying their time at school by socializing and bonding.

The S.O. Cabinet is an organization of students that meets daily to plan events for the student body, carry out various student-led initiatives, and facilitate discussion between the student body and administration,” said Babou Gaye ’20, the current secretary of the S.O.

“Members of the Cabinet are able to propose and blend our ideas for each event as a team into a final project. To do so, we reach out to many members of the staff. For example, Mr. Rainford helped us create a Haunted House design for Monster Mash,” said Anthony Bonavita ’20.

S.O. is a community led by students, for students, who work together with faculty members such as English teacher Ms. Parness, School Aide Mr. Fonseca, and Principal Dr. Donahue in order to add the “fun” back into the “fundamentals” of high school.

Every day all twenty-two students from the S.O. meet during ninth period and begin brainstorming captivating and intriguing ideas for school events while acknowledging various factors that could affect the possibility of setting forth the idea. By checking with Ms. Parness and other faculty members, they ensure that the time, schedule, and space capacity are available. The student government begins preparing for the event about a month in advance; they organize their ideas, develop an agenda, and set calendar dates on a goal board throughout the day.

One issue that the Student Cabinet continues to work on is stress relief for students. Some actions that the cabinet has taken to reduce tension includes treating students to free donuts after SATs, organizing Mental Health Week, and advocating for students to speak with their guidance counselors and Mr. Cogliano, the school social worker, regarding any disturbing conflicts that they have in their lives. All members of the S.O. encourage students to reach out to the S.O. Cabinet to develop initiatives that best resolve student conflicts.

In order to get feedback on ideas for other events, members of the S.O. get inspiration from creative students who suggest ways to improve an event or the learning environment at Bronx Science. In fact, the S.O. deeply encourages students to email these initiatives, which is why all of their contacts are located on the billboard outside the cafeteria exit in the basement floor.

“It’s always exciting when people e-mail and reach out to us while viewing us as the group who can take initiative to resolve any issue that needs to be addressed. We are here for all students to help work on any issues that needs to be resolved!” said Ayesha Khan ’20.

“We are working hard to communicate suggestions from students to school leaders and fulfill them, from restroom conflicts to recycling proposals from the Green Team. We take into account nearly all suggestions on an agenda for our next meeting,” said Ryan Yam ’19, S.O Cabinet Adviser.

Within Cabinet, there are multiple branches of student government including the advisory board, which speaks to our principal, Dr. Donahue, once a month to discuss ideas that the student body hopes to address. After receiving confirmation that the idea is plausible, the S.O.’s leaders further divide the responsibility of each projects into specific chairs, assign certain jobs for each member, and choose specific students who volunteer in running and participating in the event.

For funded events including the Carnival Fair, Monster Mash, and Winter Wonderland, in which students select games to play and can win tickets to receive prizes, the S.O. receives funding by organizing a student committee to help the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) manage numerous auctions. In addition, the S.O. surveys students to gain a closer glimpse into what students want for prizes and raffles.

Adam Israelevitz
“I have been a part of the S.O. Cabinet for four years, and we serve as a student government while working with the school leadership to express the ideas and notions of the student body to make Bronx Science the best for everyone!” said Ryan Yam ’19.

After the S.O. corroborates the schedule of an event, the S.O. needs to promote the event. They collaborate with the Wolverine TV team to produce segments regarding the upcoming event. They also promote knowledge about changes in school policy and upcoming events through morning announcements, artistic talents, and e-mails.

And about one week prior to the event, the heads, or students in charge of the event, begin transforming the event from merely a proposal into reality. As the event approaches, the entire Cabinet gets on board to assist in executing the event while spending a sensational time delivering a remarkable experience for all students at Bronx Science.

“It’s undoubtedly amazing to be part of the S.O., as I have learned to truly understand the Bronx Science culture while working with a kind, entertaining, and amusing group of students who represent the entire student body,” said Sophie Poritzky ’21, member of the S.O.

Miles Conn
“Being part of the S.O. creates opportunities for all students to participate in fun events. For one of our events, the Winter Wonderland, I was in charge of setting up the bowling pin game for others to knock over as many bowling pins as possible to win tickets for special prizes!” said Depa Saha ‘22.