Love, Mom <3


Gazi Fuad

Ms. Lerohl passionately guides the AP Calculus BC class through the power series.

Mothers are the givers of life and at Bronx Science, they serve as both inspirations and mentors. Throughout the school year, these teachers guide their students with keen supervision much like they do as mothers at home.

Ms. Randi Lerohl has taught joyfully at Bronx Science for eight years. “I started teaching when my daughter started elementary school,” Ms. Lerohl said. To Yeju Kang ’20, Ms. Lerohl makes Calculus BC class fun and always answers questions with a warm smile. “Thank you so much Ms. Lerohl for being such a wonderful teacher!” Kang said.

From a Ph.D student to a Calculus BC teacher, Ms. Lerohl has always found a great sense of satisfaction when students experience that ‘aha!’ moment. “I was drawn to teaching because I love math. It’s fun!  The subject and the students are what inspire me and make teaching fun,”  Ms. Lerohl said.

“Ms. Lerohl is one of the best teachers I know and I appreciate her patience, knowledge, and kindness,” said Amanda Chen ’19.

Her students view her with respect and gratitude. “She’s super nice and patient, and you can see that she’s really willing to listen and explain and try really hard to better students’ education,” said Kang.

When asked how she manages her time as a teacher and as a mother, Ms. Lerohl explained  that her schedule as a teacher, with its summer and winter breaks, made teaching and motherhood fairly manageable. During summer vacation, she gets to enjoy adventures with her children.

To Ms. Lerohl, motherhood and teaching are characterized by forming a strong bond and leaving a positive impact on the younger generation. Having that essential connection opens up better communication and teaching. As a mother and teacher, Ms. Lerohl emphasizes the importance of understanding her kids. “Every age brings different wonders and different challenges. I have the good fortune of having both a biological son and an adopted daughter (from China),” Ms. Lerohl said.

Ms. Lerohl regards Mother’s Day as a wholesome family holiday. “On every May 12th, I would receive cards from my kids, my husband would make his special thin pancakes, then the family would walk the dog together,” Ms. Lerohl said with a smile on her face.

In light of Mother’s Day, a handful of Ms. Lerohl’s students had a lot to say about how Ms. Lerohl has left an impact on them.

“Ms. Lerohl is one of the best teachers I know and I appreciate her patience, knowledge, and kindness,” said Amanda Chen ’19.

“Ms. Lerohl, this is Mariam from AP Calculus BC. You make me happy to be in your class; you’re always smiling and spreading your cheerful energy around. One of my favorite things about you is when you walk around the classroom and address students by their name and ask how they’re doing. For example, ‘Hi, Mariam, how you’re doing?’ You say this quite cheerfully too, and it makes me us feel special and noticed. You also bid each one of good bye as we’re leaving, again, using our names. I love that you use our names when addressing us. I hope you never lose the joy you exhibit in class,” said Mariam Van ’19.

Gazi Fuad
While discussing a Mathematics problem with her students, Ms. Lerohl addressed each of her students by name.

Happy Mother’s Day, Bronx Science!