A Tribute To Velma Lane

In Memoriam: Remembering a Committed School Aide Who Taught Us To Be Role Models


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Ms. Lane with her signature, heartwarming smile.

She called us her role model students. With a bright smile and warm voice, she greeted every student who walked into the cafeteria and somehow made our day that much better. Ms. Lane was a lot of things to a lot of people. She was a school aide, a BOSS/WIS advisor, a library assistant, a Wolverine TV personality with her segment ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, and frankly, a ray of sunshine.

Here is what she meant to us through a collection of quotes from the people who knew her best:

Ms. Chevelle Sindab, School Aide

“She was my ride or die. That lady went to every senior prom and made me get dressed up for every prom with her. My mother used to go ‘Who’s this prom for? The students, or you and Ms. Lane?’ She used to educate us; she taught us how to be better. She always used to get on our case about how we talk to the kids because she wanted us to remember that we were kids once and kids are gonna be kids. She said that if we relate to them in a positive way rather than discipline them in a negative way, only then can we connect to them. That’s why she called every girl her princess and called these kids role models and geniuses. She made them feel special and that they could be more. She always went out of her way. She gave them words of encouragement and even gave them her snacks. She was just such a loving, caring person and she showed both her students and coworkers so much love and respect. And lastly, Ms. Lane made sure this cafeteria was the cleanest. She cleaned the table, swept the floor, and just today I was sweeping and thinking about her because she would never let the cafeteria get this messy. Oh, I miss her,” said Ms. Sindab.

Ms. Yvonne Quinones, School Aide

“She knew everybody by name. She volunteered a lot for BOSS and devoted her extra time to these kids. I remember she used to make fried chicken and lemon iced tea for every meeting,” said Ms. Quinones.

Alumnus Karen Aki Huang ’11

“Ms. Lane went above and beyond for the students. During my junior year, I was taken to Montefiore for an asthma attack. Ms. Lane accompanied me to the ER and stayed with me the entire time. In fact, she was there until 8 p.m. which I’m sure is past her hours. The next day when she saw me in school, she asked how I was feeling. I feel like in a big school like Bronx Science, sometimes the educators and students rush through things without giving much regard to the people around them. It felt really nice to be noticed and to be cared about. She was the real role model for us role model students,” said Huang.

Ms. Phoebe Cooper, Assistant Principal Organization

“Velma will be remembered for her love of our students, her great positivity and her amazing smile among her many qualities,” said Ms. Cooper.

Alumnus Matthew Burke ’18

“Ms. Lane to me and I think for most students was someone we all looked to for guidance. She taught students how to be the best they were and whenever she wasn’t in school there was always a missing presence,” said Burke.

Alumnus Swara Kalra ’18

“Even if I was having a super rough day, if I saw her giving her advice on the TV, it made me feel better just because of how positive her attitude was. There are few people who have that type of energy,” said Kalra.

“Velma will be remembered for her love of our students, her great positivity and her amazing smile among her many qualities,” said Ms. Cooper.

Alumnus Tea Braxton ’18

“She was absolutely amazing and as a black girl, I was really motivated by anything she had to say to me, even if she was just calling me princess,” said Braxton.

Alumnus Anika Lamia ’18

“I met her during my first year and the lunch table I sat at used to be right next to the door leading out to the courtyard, so I talked to Ms. Lane every day. She was so sweet and caring. She loved calling us her role model students and telling us about how she believed in us to do good,” said Lamia.

Ms. Lane will always be loved here. She has inspired so many students to live life authentically and with a smile. Thank you Ms. Lane for all the love you gave us, the wisdom you imparted, and for reminding us to always be role model students. I hope we make you proud.