Dancers At Bronx Science


Caitlin Yeung

“The ‘passion’ part is indescribable to me…the presence of dance movements helps me to socially get along with people,” said Daniela Noelle Alavazo ’20.

In today’s society, entertainment industries, social media, and celebrities play a major role in shaping people’s interests. Dancing is especially influenced by contemporary culture. Looking back to the early 2000s, films such as ‘Street Dance,’ the ‘Step Up’ series, ‘High School Musical,’ and ‘Happy Feet,’ and artists such as Beyoncé, Jenna Dewan, and Harry Shum Jr. have all inspired people to curate a passion for dancing. They established a standard: regardless of the type of dance performed, each tells a person’s story.

“There are many variations of dance, some soft, others fast and sharp. The dance style people choose reflects their personality because it reflects their hobbies and comforts,” dance enthusiast Lotus Lu ’19 said.

Influenced by Korean pop culture, Serena Chen ’20, a talented dancer, gained her passion for dancing during her freshman year due to the growing popularity of Korean pop music. She was drawn to the Urban Dance Club at the Bronx Science club fair when she saw a crowd of people enjoying the upbeat music. Chen now performs with multiple dance crews, such as Urban Dance Club at Bronx Science and Project Sparks and 7Sins outside of school.

Caitlin Yeung
“I love dancing ultimately because learning new moves and creating more ideas helps me cope with stress and allows me to stay healthy when working out!” said Serena Chen ’20.

According to Chen, dancing helps her cope with stress from school and allows her to stay healthy and in shape. “I love dancing because it is a very fun activity, and I continue to learn new moves and ideas in dance,” she said. “Dancing is, ultimately, a form of expression and practicing this activity can open my eyes to what I will truly feel happy doing in the future.”

Many other dancers at Bronx Science join the school’s Urban Dance and Lunar Productions Club in hopes to enter the annual dance show. The show gives all dancers, with or without experience, a chance to show off their skills. In spite of race, gender, and cultural background, dance is a hobby that allows people to create long lasting memories and bonds as well as reflect on their deeper emotions.

Lunar Production member Daniela Noelle Alavazo ’20, dancer both in and out of Bronx Science, was awarded Best Professional Dancer in 2017 by a private agency. She performs a variety of dance at agencies outside of our school, including ballet, flamenco, and urban dance. Since the age of five, Daniela’s father has supported her passion for dance, driving her to practice.

“The ‘passion’ part of dance is indescribable to me because I have been dancing ever since I was young,” said Alavazo. “Dance has become a necessity to me; without it, I just don’t feel right.”

Similarly, Katherine Zhou ’20 has a history in jazz, hip-hop, and ballet dance, as well as figure skating. Her passion began when she attended a dance institution as a ballet major, where she witnessed different types of dances: modern, jazz, tap-dance, among others.

They established a standard: regardless of the type of dance performed, each tells a person’s story.

“Watching people turn their movements into an art form is amazing,” said Zhou.

Fascinated by the art of dance, Zhou’s friend recommended that she join the Westchester Skating Academy where she developed a love for figure skating over a span of three years. Zhou appreciates that she is able to freely express her feelings and ideas through her movements.

“Different dances have various impacts on people’s lives and are accompanied by music which plays a part in sending meaningful messages through each movements. I believe all dances are a form of self expression, ” said Zhou.

Bronx Science has a large community of students interested in dance and music. At the end of the day, regardless of the diverse interests, every dancer has their own dream. It is the desire, effort, and dedication of each that pushes them to make a change and construct the path they choose to take in life.