Spork Wars


Jonathan Rodriguez

Spork Czar for the Class of 2018, Prachi Arora ’18.

Students throughout Bronx Science recognize the beginning of the end of the school year once seniors are seen dashing across hallways in war-paint and colorful bandanas, plastic utensils in hand. Doors are plastered with signs from mildly peeved teachers declaring “safe zones.” Spork Wars has arrived and “senioritis” is on hold.

“Kristaps Porzingis would play if he could,” said Max Secular ’18, a proud Spork Wars veteran. Of the entire senior class, it’s estimated that half of the population was taken out within the first day. Those with captured forks sported them proudly, draped around their bodies like trophies. “I got ten people. I did it all for the culture,” said Paul Shaffino ’18. Some students sport their wins publicly, while others strike from the shadows; thus, seniors throughout the school are forced to remain on guard.

Despite that most students lose on the first day, the hype around Spork Wars is a staple at Bronx Science. Students look forward to participating in Bronx Science’s own “battle royale” from their freshman year onwards. “I remember the excitement surrounding Spork Wars when I was an underclassman and seeing all of the seniors dress up together, and it’s incredibly exciting to think that our grade is finally participating in this tradition,” said Michael Miller ’18.

“I got ten people. I did it all for the culture,” said Paul Shaffino ’18.

Even into early June 2018, some students still toted their utensils across campus, a walking testament to the longevity of the game. The lively spirits shown in early May are the fruition of months of forethought for the few seniors that planned the game. “I began with organizing ‘Assassins’ in November, so I was really excited to bring Spork Wars to the next level,” said “Spork Czar” Prachi Arora ’18. The same Senior Council was responsible for organizing the clothespin ‘Assassins’ game played in November 2017 by the senior class. “‘Assassins’ really gave us the trial run to make sure that everyone would really enjoy Spork Wars at the end of the year. It was really important to us that it would appeal to everyone,” said Arora.