Student Featured in Art Exhibition


“A Pocketful of Light,” the photo by Serena Lu that was selected for exhibition by ArtsConnection.

Serena Lu ’18 was recently acknowledged by ArtsConnection, an organization that provides opportunities to students in New York City to showcase their art. Lu’s photograph was selected for a year-long display at ArtsConnection’s exhibition “Embracing Opportunities”.

Her congratulatory feat is a kind reminder of many Bronx Science students who work past the science label and achieve recognition for their passion for humanities and the arts.

Lu proved the power of the little things that are present in our day-to-day lives through her artwork. Prompted by the deadline of a school photography project that encouraged her to identify patterns within the environmental surrounding her, Lu searched for inspiration in the welcoming walls of her own home. She quickly identified colorful origami stars, then captured the vibrant design on her first shot.

“It was a totally unique design that I noticed in my house,” Lu said. “The colors stood out to me and the uniqueness of each star made for a great pattern.”

Early in this school year, Lu was notified by her former photography teacher Ms. Gayle Asch about ArtsConnection’s competition. Together, they came to the realization that the photograph matched the theme of the exhibition “Embracing Opportunities.”

Lu applied for the spot at the exhibition in September of 2016, receiving her response close to the end of the year.

Emailed about the win by both ArtsConnection and her former photography teacher Ms. Asch, Lu noted, “I didn’t expect to have my photo selected among the many others submitted. Since I do not consider myself to be a very artistic person, I was very surprised that I won the competition!”

Lu titled her artwork “A Pocketful of Starlight” for its display in the exhibition. “Stars are uniquely bright in the night sky”, Lu says, “and they make many people feel hopeful and happy.”

Although she has not yet had the opportunity to see the exhibition, Lu believes “if I went and saw my photograph on display I would have felt excited for others to see my work and the message behind my work.”

Prior to her exposure to the wonders of art through her sophomore photography class, Lu believes she did not have an artistic side. “Before taking an actual photography class, I was never motivated to take the time to capture an exceptional photo, but now I consider photography to be one of my hobbies,” Lu said.

In addition to her newfound artistic interests, Lu enjoys exploring new areas and spending time with friends and family.

Although uncertain of what her future holds, Lu believes it will not steer her towards something art-related. Her experience with ArtsConnection, however, is one that will remain in her memory.