Makerspace: A Place for Technology and Innovation


Samira Ashif

Students are actively involved in the Bronx Science Makerspace initiative.

Bronx Science’s Makerspace initiative invites Wolverines to explore engineering and technology in an innovative manner. Since its start, Makerspace has focused on providing more up-to-date engineering technology for students.

Such technology has opened up myriad opportunities for students to explore engineering through their own scientific projects.

The strong community within Makerspace has provided a creative environment for students to collaborate and learn from one another.

Member of Makerspace Joseph Kingston ’18 acknowledged, “I usually teach others while I am there.”

The students in Makerspace have created many different projects throughout the past couple years.

In the past, the students created a reactor based on that found in Marvel’s Iron Man. They even recently finished creating a model steamboat.

Now, students have turned their attention to new projects. They plan on making tesla coils and pneumatic and hydraulic robots in the near future. All of these projects have been made possible through the advanced 3D printer and laser cutter.

“Being a part of Makerspace really lets me see how much the Engineering Department has improved since the time I was a freshman. It has so many more advanced and complex tools and machines, which really shows that the Engineering Department is moving forward to keep up with modern technology while letting students experience these technologies firsthand.” said Sumaiya Mahin ’17.

Through Makerspace, students get to explore the world of engineering through a creative lens. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

The beauty behind Makerspace is that there is a challenge for every member to attack. Most teenagers hardly know what they want to study in college, which can make it difficult for students to take advantage on specific opportunities and clubs at Bronx Science.

Yet, with Makerspace, every student is able to sample engineering. For those who are interested in engineering in general, they can try different aspects of it, such as environmental and physical, through Makerspace. The combination of technology and innovative atmosphere makes Makerspace a place where students can teach, create, and learn in new ways.