Dedication and Prowess: A Profile of the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team

An in-depth analysis of what makes the team so special.


Tori Wee

Pictured is Grace Zagoria ’23, looking back after a dynamic pole vault leap.

Endurance. Stamina. Speed. All of these traits are required for the Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team at Bronx Science. In this PSAL team, there’s more than the pole vaults, the kilometer runs, and various championships. There’s a tightly knit community with endless support and advice. There are endless screams and cheers of support from the crowd when the girls are actively competing, but none are louder than those of their teammates. 

Speed, stamina, and determination are meant to be built in as many ways possible for Track. One of these ways is physically, done through various types of  training. No matter which specific event you do, one thing always remains the same: the intense training regimen. This is to make sure that these student athletes don’t injure themselves during competitions and so that they can push themselves further for their events. Some of these exercises include targeted core and lower body workouts, and distance exercises. 

In practices, student athletes run halfway across the Bronx three or four times a week as a drill. They  come back to school dripping with sweat, exhausted, but accomplished – they’ve run with their friends, sometimes to the backdrop of motivational music the coach puts on. When they’re not running, they do exercises like crunches and planks to strengthen their core, which is key for improving running ability; after all, to run an 800 meter distance, one has to be able to hold themselves upright for long periods of time. Although this training is rigorous and tiring, runners enjoy the hard work. It allows them to devote time to something they’re passionate about, and improve as a group. 

Another way to build speed, stamina, and determination for track is through mental workouts. Without the drive and the moxie to keep doing track, many runners find it hard to keep going, unable to reach their full potential in their respective events. This can be done through music intended to hype the athletes up, through certain affirmations and mantras, and of course, through the team morale boosted through competing in the same events. 

Pole Vaulting 

One competitive area of the Girls’ Indoor Track team is Pole Vaulting. This part of the team is breathtaking to witness, as the athletes will run and launch themselves into the air using a bendable pole as their send off over a set bar. Upper body strength is necessary to pole vault, as well as incredible agility. Outside of physical strength, having the faith and belief to your limit and reach new heights (literally) is extremely important. 

The Pole Vaulting squad of our Track team is phenomenal and makes this incredibly difficult feat look effortless. Furthermore, Bronx Science’s Girls’ Indoor Track Pole Vaulters are recognized officially by the city, with the top three pole vaulters of New York City belonging to our team. 

Here are the Bronx Science pole vaulters claiming the podium at the Girl’s Track City Championships. Grace Zagoria ’23, who was flanked by her teammates, Zoe Levitt ’25, and Angel Haruno Sumimoto ’25. (Tory Wee)

Race Walking

One competitive event in this team, Race Walking, also known as Speed Walking, isn’t nearly as recognized as its competitive counterparts. While it may sound self explanatory, Race Walking has its own set of rules. For one, a competitor must keep their leg straightened, and their entire foot must hit the ground with each step. A Race Walker’s position is completely different from normal walking. A sway and certain movement of the hips is needed to pick up speed while following the other rules. These rules put  a bit more stress on these events, as any lack of contact with the ground is a violation, so judges keep as close of an eye as they can on the competitors. 

Distance Runners 

One of the most well known areas of any track and field team is Distance Running. Distance Runners on the team are required to run a given distance as fast as they can, and the first three competitors to finish that distance are given a medal. Distance running requires great speed, endurance, as well as a specific posture to limit any lateral movement. There are long distance and medium distance races, with the average lengths of these races being as long as 3km (3000 meters).

There is an incredible amount of dedication that comes with Distance Running, as endurance is a major factor in this part of track. However, physical endurance is not the only important factor. Motivation through these long races is a necessity, with the lengths left in the races being disheartening at times. Keeping positive affirmations are the key factor to mental endurance, especially during a race. 

Endurance isn’t only used for long distance running, or any other sport. It can be genuinely helpful during any mundane activities. Naturally, it’s easier to walk or run long distances without being winded with more endurance. With endurance comes an unbreakable determination, beyond the idea of stamina. Something that also comes with this, is the ability to actually climb three flights of stairs at Bronx Science without needing a break. 

While the harsh training regimens can be challenging and leave these student athletes sore, it’s another way to bond and build community. There’s no better way to build a friendship than to walk back to school, sweaty, tired, and connect with teammates training by your side.

Pictured is Angel Haruno Sumimoto ’25, a Pole Vaulter on the Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team, preparing to take the leap. (Tory Wee)

Relay Races

The Relay Races in these competitions are the epitome of teamwork, with each participant running a certain distance and passing the baton to whoever’s next to receive it in their team,  who will run the rest of the distance. The main goal is making sure to reach that person as fast as they can. There’s something powerful in witnessing these races, as the speed and determination in each hand-off of the baton has a stunning motivation to it. The eager transfer of the baton is quick, an easy send off from one teammate to the next. 

The Girls’ Varsity Track Team of Bronx Science is definitely a team to beat, with their power, dedication, and number of awards won.

Endurance. Stamina. Speed. All of these traits are required for the Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team at Bronx Science.