New Season, New Goals for the Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team


Tina Ou

As Samantha Mayol ’22 runs towards the goal during a Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse meet, she looks for an opening to make her shot.

The spring season is associated with the change in season from frostbites to showers of rain. It’s also associated with the coming of a new beginning. As the spring season of 2020 approaches, new activities and new sports seasons begin. This year, the Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team is starting their season off with a new coach. 

Mr. Fallon began playing lacrosse in the eighth grade and starting from the moment he picked up the lacrosse stick— he fell in love with the sport. He had played all four years of high school and had two great coaches to heighten the experience. Lacrosse has also taught Fallon numerous lessons crucial to his life experiences. “ Lacrosse has taught [me] about dedication, hard work, and teamwork, which I believe are the pillars to my work ethic as a physical education teacher and coach. I hope to make the same impact on my lacrosse players here at Bronx Science in the upcoming year,” said Fallon. 

As a new faculty member at Bronx Science, Fallon enjoys teaching here because he gets to work with motivated and talented young adults. Moreover, he has also noted that the Bronx Science staff has been very welcoming and helped him adjust to the new environment. Fallon said, “ I couldn’t have asked for a better department to work with and learn from. Every day, I continue to grow as a physical education teacher because of my colleagues in the physical education department.” 

Over the past three years, the team has experienced totally different styles of student leadership as well as coaching. Gidget Rosen ’20 on the Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team said, “Lacrosse has taught me that working hard, practicing consistently, and being perpetually optimistic fosters a team environment of motivated and successful players as well as tangible personal growth, both on and off the lacrosse field.” She hopes to be more confident and aggressive on the field and to become a better runner. 

For this upcoming season, Fallon aspires to develop a positive culture where the girls want to strive to be better both on the field and off. “From hearing about his coaching of other teams and getting to know him, Mr. Fallon definitely is the man for the job and I cannot wait to see how much our team improves from having him around,” said Rosen. He hopes to excite the girls about the great game of lacrosse and make the game enjoyable to learn and play.

“I hope to make the same impact on my lacrosse players here at Bronx Science in the upcoming year,” said Mr. Fallon.