Leaders Off the Field: In Praise of Our Team Managers


Tahira Hasan

Susan Wang ’20 has developed a love of sports through managing the Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse Team.

One of the most underrated positions of the sports teams here at Bronx Science are the managers. Across all forty-five of our PSAL teams, the managers play a special role in each one. Their duties include keeping score during matches, organizing the team, taking attendance during meets, and boosting morale.

Many managers took on the responsibility as a simple extracurricular activity, only for it to quickly grow into a strong passion for the sport. Susan Wang ’18 began managing the Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball team this year. “I knew very little about basketball when I first started managing but I tried to learn as much as I could to get a better understanding of the sport. I do like basketball, but not enough to watch games online, but now I understand why the crowd goes wild. Cheering for your team is just something that comes out naturally,” Wang said. The managers’ enthusiasm and energy is infectious for everyone involved.

Every team member has a distinctive moment that sticks out to them as special. Whether it is a challenging win or a show of cooperation and team support, the team values their sense of camaraderie over everything. Imaan Hoque ’18 managed the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team this year. “I loved baking cookies for the team members and celebrating their wins with the treats afterward. Most of all, I loved becoming a part of the close community that the team has created among themselves,” Hoque said. She thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the team through fun traditions, such as learning the nicknames that they gave to one another.

Brian Chau ’18, manager of the Girls’ Varsity Swim Team, highly recommends taking the position of manager. “Managing the Girls’ Varsity Swim team was so fun, and it was a great experience because it really brought me closer to all members of the team,” Chau said. He is also a member of Boys’ Varsity Swim team.

Most of all, I loved becoming a part of the close community that the team has created amongst themselves.”

A general consensus among managers is that this is one of the most rewarding sports positions that they can do. Their experiences as leaders have contributed not only to their high school experience, but to that of their students they are managing. 

Tahira Hasan
Brian Chau ’18 manages the Girls’ Varsity Swimming and Diving Team.