A Successful Varsity Soccer Season

The Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team Seasons


Emily Bedolis

Melina Asteriadis ’18 walks off of the field during a match against Christopher Columbus High School.

As students begin to get back into the swing of things, the Bronx Science Soccer teams have already made it halfway through their seasons.

With six games gone for both Boys’ and Girls’, the respective teams are in great positions for the end of their seasons, and are looking forward to a successful postseason.

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team, which has won their division for the past four years, has played against teams such as Lehman High School and Christopher Columbus High School, but no team has been able to come close to the 2015-2016 City Champions who lead the standings in the Bronx A1 League, a full eight points ahead of Lehman High School, and twenty-one over Christopher Columbus High School.

“The team is motivated to win, without question.

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team has had similar success playing in the Bronx A Division League. They have won the division for the past three years and have not lost a league game in two years. They compete against challenging opponents such as John F. Kennedy High School and Walton High School. They lead the standings by six points over John F. Kennedy High School and sixteen over Walton High School.

The great form at the first half of the season bodes well for the remaining four games, and the players from both teams seem to agree. Melina Asteriadis 18 said of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team, “I think that we’re going to do well because we have a great team of motivated and dedicated people. And Dilan Minutello 17 said, regarding the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team, “The team is motivated to win, without question.

Both Bronx Science teams are undefeated with only four games left for the boys and three for the girls, who have already made it to the playoffs. Our soccer teams have a history of performing well, and both teams seem confident that they can perform this year. We certainly wish both teams the best of luck with the remainder of their seasons.

Postscript: The Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team earned their fourth straight Bronx A-1 Division title with 10 wins and zero losses, while the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team was defeated by Fort Hamilton High School during a playoff match, ending their season with 8 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie.