Smashing through a Stress Free Season!

For the Boys’ Varsity Badminton Team, hard work pays off with a successful season.


Melissa Cen

Webber Qu ’19, returns a hit from an opposing team member during a Boys’ Varsity Badminton match.

The start of a new school year comes with responsibilities, hard work, and stress. For Bronx Science students, stress is inevitable. For the Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Badminton team, their sport serves as a distraction from their strenuous academic workload and gives them a way to relax.

With the start of the Boys’ Varsity Badminton season, coached by Mr. Bing Qiu, the boys practiced two to three hours after school for three days a week, usually with a game taking place each week.

Many students who aren’t on the team, like Rashel Rojas ’19, wondered where the team members found the time to go to practices and still get all their work done for the next day. “Don’t they have homework to do and tests to study for?,” Rojas inquired. “Won’t they be stressed out even more?”

According to members of the Boy’s Varsity Badminton Team, being on the team has actually proven to be beneficial to the players’ stress levels. Although they have to squeeze practices into their busy schedules, being on the team has helped the players with both their time management skills and with their overall determination.

Muhammad Hasan ’18, a member of the team, said, “Badminton helps me to focus on my schedule and make sure that I am always on track for everything that I need to accomplish. During the badminton season, I find myself procrastinating less, taking schoolwork more seriously, and being able to perform better in the classroom and on exams.”

“When I play badminton, my mind is a temple, free of stress and distractions from the outside world.”

Considering the commitment, effort, and dedication that comes with playing badminton, Eric Jiang ’19, commented, “Badminton, along with other sports, are commitments that should be undertaken only if you are not willing to deal with the stress that come along with them.” However, Jiang added, “Being able to play my favorite sport for my school is a honor.” Jiang ’19, like the rest of the team, appreciates that the school offers badminton as a sport, giving them the opportunity to partake in this relaxing hobby.

There are more stress-relieving aspects that come from playing badminton. Ryan Chen ’18 said, “When I play badminton, my mind is a temple, free of stress and distractions from the outside world. The only things in existence are the birdie, my racket, myself, the court, and my opponent.”

Being part of the team has given players a chance to make new and lasting friendships, as well.

Susan Huang
Michael Davide ’18 prepares to receive a serve from the opposing team during a Boys’ Varsity Badminton game.

“The sense of comradery in being on a team is quite enjoyable,” Hasan said. “It really feels like a second family supporting me in school!”

Games against other schools are inevitably stressful because the team’s victory or defeat lies in the player’s hands. Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Aidan Smith ’19, a singles player, commented, “While there is pressure to win, that’s half of the fun.”

Chen, a doubles player, commented, “games allow me to connect with my partner and work together to achieve a common goal.”

The team looked forward to giving their full effort during practices and games. The team ended their fall 2017 season with 9 wins and 1 loss, which made them first in the North Division League, tied with Hunter College High School.