Vital to Athletic Success: The Unsung Heroes Known as Team Managers


Tomas Greenberg

Jenna Kolodny ’17’ makes an ambitious shot at the foul line as the rest of the players observe her do so during a Girls’ Varsity Basketball game. Some of the success of the team this season is attributable to the team’s managers.

Bronx Science athletic teams have had immense success over the past several years. Our teams have won City Championships and dominated at Mayor’s Cup. Having a myriad of talented student athletes is a large part of the Wolverines’ success, but managers have also found ways to play pivotal roles in various teams’ dynamics.  

The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has dominated the scoreboards through their six games this season. Besides the overwhelming talent that each player possesses, the managers themselves have played a unique role in assuring the team’s consistent victories.

Managers of the Girl’s Basketball Team, Minna Au ’18, Michelle Chen ’18, Britney Goh ’18, Winni You ’18, and Victoria Yu ’18, share an unparalleled friendship outside of their athletic atmosphere, which allows them to work efficiently together.

“I’m grateful that I get to manage Girls’ Varsity Basketball alongside some of my closest friends. I didn’t think much of the job at first when I was first offered this opportunity, but working as a manager of such a great team gave me larger sense of  responsibility,” said Yu, now an avid lover of basketball.

Girls’ Varsity Soccer managers Sam Shapiro 17, Adam Shaham 17, Jack Bendik 17, and Michael Heilweil 17 of the Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team supported the team in their route to division champions, all the way through the team’s playoff semi-final game.

The role of a sports manager is widely different from what most people think. Besides keeping the score and statistics of the game, working the shot and game clock, and filming the game, the managers act as consistent moral support for every member of the team. This can range from cheering them on from the sidelines to even providing them with the right motivation to play with success. Not to mention, many of the players on the team have formed close bonds with their managers.

Being a manager of the soccer team has let me make tons of new friends whom I would have otherwise not known. I have also tried to become a motivational speaker to the girls after a disappointing half or possession,” said Jack Bendik 17.

“Working as a manager of such a great team gave me larger sense of  responsibility.”

“A lot of people are under the misconception that the team managers just sit around and do nothing, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve become close to all of my team managers and their support makes me an overall better player,” said Victoria Phang ’18, a member of both the Girls’ Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams.