New Girls’ Tennis Coach


The new girls varsity tennis coach, Tara Ware


The fall Girls’ Varsity Tennis season is coming to a close. As the team welcomed their new coach, Ms. Tara Ware, the expectations and techniques of the team changed.

The old coach, Jeff Menaker, had a different set of expectations for the girls. In comparison to Ware, Menaker was more relaxed during training. Cassie Tian ’19 said, “I liked the old coach and how laid back he was.” As for Coach Menaker’s coaching techniques, they focused on certain skill sets. Tian added, Menaker focused on communicating and volleys.” Overall, Tian believes that Coach Menaker created a laidback atmosphere during practices.

However, others on the team looked forward to the new coach. Batya Wiener, ’18, was looking forward to constructive feedback and support from the new coach. With the arrival of Coach Ware, the girls have a refreshed mindset and high hopes for the season. Wiener said, “The new coach is incredible. Not only is she a great player, but she also is kind and helps us all to become the best players whom we can be.” Coach Ware introduced new techniques and strategies to help the girls improve their skills. The girls concentrated heavily on improving their endurance, because Coach Ware implemented more running, and various other drills into the team’s daily practice routine. Anna Malkov ’19 commented, “Our new coach makes us do drills, and play games and matches, which I think is highly effective.” Coach Ware has definitely pushed the team to work harder and to strive for their best. It paid off as the team remained undefeated in the Fall 2016 season, ending with twelve wins and zero losses. In the playoffs, they won second place in the Mayor’s Cup and in the City Championships.