World Language Classes at Bronx Science


Isaac Rjavinski

Mr Carli teaches a class of Latin, a language not dead at Bronx Science!

Bronx Science boasts not only the ability to take nearly every AP offered by the College Board, but also an impressive array of classes in the World Languages department that not every school is privileged enough to offer.

I have compiled some fun photos of students, and their teachers, enjoying World Language classes prior to the closure of the school’s front doors in March.

Isaac Rjavinski
Students working on presentations about Spanish-speaking countries.

Isaac Rjavinski
9th graders in the Class of 2023 take Italian I with Prof Rocchio, just like I did as a ninth grader.

Isaac Rjavinski
Ms Cao teaches French II through a game with her class.

All photography credit goes to Isaac Rjavinski ’20.

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