Get Busy with JPROM Committee


Sydney Teh

Payel (Tessa) Islam ’19 (left) and Chloe Frajmund ’19 (right) are heading the JProm committee, dedicated to making it an exciting event for everyone.

With second semester in full swing, we are all looking forward to the start of a relaxing summer vacation.  For the juniors, it is soon going to be time to celebrate the end of three years and the transition into their final one.  If a night getting dressed up with your friends, dancing, eating great food, and taking post-worthy pictures sounds like fun to you, then JProm is your event.

Ms. Parness, the Coordinator of Student Affairs, has been working tirelessly to ensure that the night goes flawlessly.  She said, “The main event will include a theme chosen and voted on by the junior class, a master chef level meal, an awesome DJ, dancing, photo booths, professional photographers, and other event specifics to be determined by the junior prom committee in conjunction with the members of the junior class.”

The JProm committee was established in order to find students who wanted to participate in creating their own prom experiences.  Headed by juniors Chloe Frajmund ’19 and Payel (Tessa) Islam ’19, every student on the committee is really excited to get started.  Ms. Parness is exceptionally excited to work with the motivated members of the committee, who were chosen because of their unique ideas, to start planning.  Jessica Shannon 19 wants to make this a night to remember with all her friends.  “I joined the committee because I absolutely love organizing and performing administrative tasks! I also love decorating and doing cool DIY things,” she said.

The biggest change about JProm this year is the change in venue.  Traditionally, JProm is held on a boat, but this year, it is being hosted at the Mailroom NYC.  In the heart of Wall Street, it offers a more sleek vibe that the committee is quite excited about.  Matthew Schauder 19 explains that “the venue is really flexible which is why we can really adapt to whatever theme the junior class chooses.”  The junior class voted on the Enchanted Garden theme so decor will consist of fairy lights, candles, and paper lanterns. The venue will craft a mocktail to commemorate the Enchanted Forest theme.  Every junior will get to take home a souvenir bag with a water bottle, a pair of socks, bubbles, and log themed school supplies.

Tessa Islam ’19, explains that the main goal of the committee this year is to work with the other juniors in the group to spread the word and increase turnout.  “Usually, about 250-300 people go to JProm, but we want at least half the junior class to come this year,” she said.

This should not be too much of a challenge, as last year’s participants all talk about how great the experience was for them.  This year’s seniors reflect upon this night as a great time to get together with the people you’ve been working hard with at school for one night and have a lot of fun away from the Bronx Science campus.

 “Usually, about 250-300 people go to JProm but we want at least half the junior class to come this year” 

Chevy Chen ’18 was a member of the JProm committee last year.  He explained, “ From our feedback last year, it seems that the majority of the junior class did have a great time; we had a self serve buffet with some pretty great food, great bops on the dance floor, and awesome raffle baskets.”  He loved having the opportunity to create his own prom experience.

If you are looking to end your junior year with a bang, be sure to buy your ticket by May 13, 2018!