A New Initiative: Textbooks in the Auditorium


Mamadi Jallow

Zoe Posner ‘17, Kaya Scheman ‘17, and Miranda Powell ‘17 study in the library during a free period, something that students with absentee teachers in the auditorium cannot do.


Study hall has typically been a time for students to complete the worksheet that their teacher has left for them in their absence, and if they have time, to go on to do work for other classes. However, many students have had issues with not having access to textbooks. Earlier this month, the Student Organization (S.O.) announced that textbooks will now be placed in the back of the auditorium for students’ use, so that everyone has the resources that they need during study hall periods.

“The textbook initiative was originally started in order to give students more options during study hall, and to help make their time as productive as it can be,” said Adam Shaham ’17, Student Organization President. The S.O. initially sent out a form to the student body to determine which textbooks were in high demand. “Based off of over one hundred responses, we gathered as many extra books as we could from each department’s Assistant Principal,” said Shaham.

This initiative was started as part of a solution to the problem that study hall students are not allowed to leave the auditorium to go to the library, as the library is often overcrowded. While we can’t yet provide laptops to study hall students, being able to offer textbooks as needed seemed like a great step in the right direction,” said Ms. Kristen Parness, Coordinator of Student Affairs.

Many students have felt that not being able to complete work for other classes during study hall was frustrating, but now, with textbooks available for their use, students can use their time more productively. “I usually end up having not enough to do during study hall, so it’s a great way to get extra work done so that I can focus on other assignments,” said Syeda Anjum ’17.

“I think that it will encourage students to spend their study hall time in efficient manner and to get some of their homework completed,” said Barsha Saha ’17. The plan has been received very positively by the student body, with the majority of students eager to have the textbooks in the auditorium.

There are some students who, even though they see the benefits of this initiative, do not believe that it will have as much as an impact upon them. “For me, my teacher normally leaves me work, so there’s never a lot of time to complete coursework for other classes. Unless I could use the textbooks to help with the work that I’m specifically assigned in study hall, in which case it would be pretty helpful,” said London Barreras ’17. However, Barreras still agrees that the textbooks in the auditorium will be very beneficial for many other students.

“It’s a great way to get extra work done so that I can focus on other assignments,” said Syeda Anjum ’17.

How students will utilize this new resource of textbooks in the auditorium will be ascertained in the weeks to come. As the student body views the plan positively, it is likely that the textbooks in the auditorium initiative will please almost everyone.