Summer 2023 Fashion at Bronx Science

An analysis of student’s choices in fashion during the last few weeks of school before summer vacation.


Marina Tiligadas

Sharon Kim ’25 and Ray Rivera ’25 are seen in their matching sweat pants and extra soft lined H&M hoodies.

Bronx Science fashion thrives off of students’ heavily influencing one another in our tight knit community. Students often wear a classic sets of pajamas stained with coffee or a Celsius energy drink, after pulling an all-nighter in preparation for tests. During the end of the academic year, especially, the final stretch to complete final projects and tests is a lot of work. But for some, the conclusion to the 2022-2023 school year was a lighter workload compared to last year.

Many students refused to surrender their precious sleep to studying. Sharon Kim ‘25 is one of many such students, who said, “Studying burns me out easily, and making time for myself in the quiet and serene hours of the night calms me down and really helps me feel more free.” Kim is also one of the many students who wears an assortment of soft baggy clothing in order to add comfort to their school lives. However, other students disagree with Kim’s laid-back approach to school wear. 

Eva Li ’25 has a different outlook on school attire. “Sometimes I plan my outfit if I want to look half decent one day because…maybe I just felt like dressing nice that day,” Li said. Li also establishes that she worries about getting to school on time and catching the bus. “I always lose track of time, and then I almost end up missing my bus. But if I have the time in the morning, then I definitely plan my outfits,” Li said. 

Alianna (Ali) Ribadeneira ‘25 poses in her summer dress (Nora Gupta)

Alianna Ribadeneira ‘25, also known as Ali, agrees with many of the statements that Li has previously emphasized. Ali, a diligent and academically enthusiastic student, puts in much time and effort into maintaining high grades in her academic classes. However, she also always puts in time and effort into her attire, hair, and makeup. For this article, she was photographed in her specially picked sea cucumber green cargo dress. The photo was taken quickly between her group work in her Rhetoric and English composition class. “I think it is iconic to look stunning and to also be a hard worker; people always assume you have to give up one to be good at the other,” said Ali,  with a small sparkle in her eye.

The fashion choices of Yifan Gao ’24 were explained by the fact that he “woke up late” and was in a “big rush,” hence the long black socks that clashed with his crocs. It could be inferred that Gao was tired due to back handles of his crocs being put in “laid back mode,” leaving his shoes vulnerable to slipping off at any moment. However, Gao had no fear of his beloved crocs slipping off. Rather, he just wanted to make it through the last couple of days of school in a comfortable fashion.

Cargo Craze

Cargos have been a vital part of Bronx Science’s common attire. Similar to sweats (short for sweatpants), many students wear cargos as a baggy or comfortable attribute to their outfit. On a survey that I conducted of Bronx Science students, 84.2% of interviewees stated that cargo bottoms are one of their top go-to’s when they are rushing to pick up something to wear to school. The rest of the students whom I surveyed stated something along the lines of having a preference of showing up to school in pajamas rather than stressing about picking an outfit.

Fashion is a snapshot in time, and the choices that Bronx Science students made in the final weeks of school in June 2023 before summer vacation, reveal a plethora of stylish choices.

Bronx Science fashion thrives off of students’ heavily influencing one another in our tight knit community.