A Community Full of Opportunities: A Profile of Bronx Science’s Key Club

Key Club is a club that offers many students chances to make great experiences, memories, and long-lasting friendships through life-changing work.


David Pagan

The Bronx Science Key Club is a community of students that bond over fascinating service projects throughout New York City.

Have you ever heard of Key Club? No, it is not a club about keys but, instead, a community. The Bronx High School of Science’s Key Club is a large group of students who volunteer and help others by participating in various events and service projects that benefit the community, such as fundraising and volunteering at local organizations. 

One of the best things about Key Club is the opportunity to meet new people and have fun while volunteering. Students at Key Club events always have a great time, whether they are collaborating to complete a project or just enjoying each other’s company. The club hosts social events, such as movie nights and game nights, to help members get to know each other better. 

Key Club is a great way for students to make a positive impact in their community while having fun and making new friends. For example, on March 26th, 2023, Key Club held a Board Game fundraiser where members played many exciting games such as UNO, Jenga, and Monopoly. At this event, members had a chance to enjoy their time with their peers through fun and competitive activities, while simultaneously creating change in their communities. Each member paid $19 to participate in this fundraiser, which donated its proceeds to Soles4Souls — an organization that turns unused shoes and clothing into new opportunities. 

Another very significant event of the 2022-23 Key Club service year was an Ice Skating fundraiser held on January 30th, 2o23. Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, and Stuyvesant collaborated to create an elaborate event to allow Key Clubbers from all over the city to connect with one another and also contribute to the community. All the proceeds obtained from this fundraiser were also donated to various organizations. 

What is the experience of a Key Clubber? 

“I remember an event that I attended for NYSOM where I was able to cheer up some kids for the holidays. It felt super gratifying being able to put a smile on some of the kids’ faces,” said Junjin Tan ’24. Many students have expressed a similar sentiment for events and meetings, as they have provided an outlet for finding new friends and creating meaningful memories in their high school years.

Board members and club members follow Shiya Lin, former President of Key Club, as she states the Key Club pledge. (David Pagan )

Being a student at such a large high school like Bronx Science can be isolating for some students, but clubs such as Key Club have assisted students in making new friends, enjoying their time at school, and creating change in their communities. “I remember when I first joined Key Club, I did not know many people but managed to find my way through, even though I was quite an introverted person,” said the upcoming Webmaster and Bulletin Editor, Darien Lu ’25.

This past 2022-2023 academic year, Key Club held many events, such as a Pottery Painting  fundraiser, a community clean up, and more, to help members interact with one another and contribute to their community. At these events, students had the opportunity to develop long-lasting bonds with their community work. 

Though Bronx Science has very few academic classes regarding management and community work, Bronx Science students are not missing out. Key Club is just one of the many clubs at Bronx Science that teaches students how to handle making administrative decisions while also creating memorable experiences. 

With great experiences working for the community, members of Key Club have even developed a strong and useful skill set. Creating a fundraising event, communicating with organizations, and developing creative activities are useful experiences that strengthen the mindset and work ethic of many members. Students have developed an understanding of how to manage, create an event, and spread awareness about an issue they are passionate about through their experiences at Key Club meetings and events. As the current webmaster and bulletin editor, Lu has experienced exactly this firsthand. “Key Club has helped me build my leadership and social skills and I would not trade this caring community for anything else,” Lu said.

Key Club has created a long lasting impact in many students’ high school careers and is a go-to club on many students’ lists. It is one of the largest clubs at Bronx Science with over 100 members, but how did it get so popular at Bronx Science? 

For one, Key Club is a great club that allows students to explore a beautiful city such as New York and help those in need. Many students build a great connection with their city through the events Key Club has held over the years. 

Social media is another way that Key Club has spread to so many students at Bronx Science. With over 1,000 followers, the Bronx Science Key Club instagram account – @bxscikeyclub – has spread its opportunities to students all around New York City. The club creates “Member Monday” posts containing the experiences of many committed Key Clubbers from over the years. These posts show one picture of a student and their answer to a question regarding Key Club events, meetings, or Key Club in general. These posts often inspire other students to pursue Key Club and its opportunities.  

It also has small infographics regarding several events that Key Club may be holding soon. Additionally, after each event, the account provides a summary to its followers about the exciting experiences many Key Clubbers had at the events. These posts contain pictures of students at work and enjoying their time contributing to their communities. These posts share the idea of Key Club to many students with a passion for helping the community and finding new friends. 

A group of Bronx Science Key Club members enjoy their time at the Leadership Training Conference where Key Clubs from all over the state remembered all of their accomplishments and students received awards for their hard work. (Darien Lu )

The account also posts reels containing recap videos from various events. Students take videos and put them online to show other students the cheerfulness this club can bring to their lives. The reels also consist of videos labeled “Monthly Meeting Memories,” where videos of unique events during Key Club meetings can be posted. In many of these videos, students can be seen playing fun games, participating in events during Key Club meetings, and more. Overall, these students create impactful memories with their peers. Students who are interested in a club like Key Club should follow the account to find new opportunities to work for their community and develop friendships. 

Bronx Science’s Key Club collaborates with high schools all over the city, so there are plenty of opportunities for students to find friends. “I would say one of the most memorable experiences I had in Key Club was attending the Leadership Training Conference (LTC) upstate in Albany. I had the opportunity of meeting Key Clubbers from all over New York state as well as seeing our club win many awards,” said Lu. The Key Club events held are located in very different locations, so members  have many chances to explore their extraordinary city. 

Although this academic year has come to an end, next year, Key Club will be back once again with great events and opportunities to offer to all students at Bronx Science, ready to create change!

“I remember an event that I attended for NYSOM where I was able to cheer up some kids for the holidays. It felt super gratifying being able to put a smile on some of the kids’ faces,” said Junjin Tan ’24.