Creating Excitement Through Events: A Profile of the Bronx Science S.O. Cabinet

An in-depth profile of the S.O. Cabinet and how they create successful school events throughout the year.


Kathy Le

This year’s Monster Mash was a great success, with many students enjoying the spooky spirit at Bronx Science.

Though the 2021-2022 academic year was a very unusual year, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Bronx Science Student Organization managed to bring excitement to school days for many students through the planning of creative events. Navigating a haunted house during last year’s Halloween festivities was only one of the experiences the students adored last year. The memory of Sud Paul ’23, now president of the S.O. Cabinet, running around the cafeteria last year in a Santa Claus costume is a memory that no one will forget. Thanks to the S.O. Cabinet’s spirited events, last year felt close to normal for many students, despite the ongoing pandemic. 

The S.O. Cabinet does so much work for the school, but who are they?  

The S.O. Cabinet is a group of student leaders that manage the festivals and events that happen throughout the school year. From carnivals to haunted houses, the S.O. Cabinet has everything covered. Every event is sprinkled with Bronx Science’s version of fun. With all the rigorous courses and extracurricular activities we all participate in, the S.O. Cabinet helps the student body smile more and relieve their stress. 

Coming back from a full year of remote learning to a year full of masked faces, most people did not know what to expect of the new school year in 2021-2022. Even during this current academic year 2022-2023, students are still adjusting to the new normal of living with COVID-19. 

Lili Matta ’23, a returning member of the S.O. Cabinet, had first-hand experiences with the remote version of the S.O. Cabinet, during the 2020-2021 academic year, and, today’s version, which is back in person. She says that even with the difficulties over the years these challenges have helped the S.O. Cabinet “to think outside of the box and come up with events that were feasible given the situation and still make them fun for our students.” 

Members of the S.O. handle major responsibilities in order to ensure that Bronx Science’s annual Monster Mash runs smoothly. (Isha Ray )

With advice from former leadership, the current S.O. Cabinet board members continue to thrive while juggling their intense responsibilities. “I have learned a lot about management from from former board members. I think the best way to teach the next group of leaders is by keeping all of my materials in a file for them to reference in the future,” said Kazuma Morris ’23, about his learning experiences with former leadership. 

Although there have been many difficulties, the S.O. Cabinet’s unique events have managed to make the adjusting process easier. The Fresh and Fringle was a major hit. After a week full of rigorous work, the ninth graders got a chance to cool off with mini-games and ice-cream. “I love Fresh and Fringle because not only was it a big bonding experience for my class last year, but it brings me joy to be able to give new ninth graders the same positive experience. I want every student to feel welcome and accepted at Bronx Science, and Fresh and Fringle plays a huge part in that,” Sinclair said. 

However, this event is only one of the many S.O. Cabinet lead events that have left a major impact on many students. 

Bronx Science is full of students from different backgrounds and ethnicities. This year, the S.O. helped facilitate Hispanic Heritage Month cooking events, which gave students an opportunity to explore the flavors of Hispanic cuisine. “I attended one with Ms. Perez and it was an absolute blast – it really reminded me what made me so excited about coming to Bronx Science in the first place,” Roni Shaham ’23 said. 

Students greatly enjoyed learning about and tasting Ms. Perez’s delicious vegetarian recipe for plantain with cheese and/or brigadeiros, during one of the Hispanic Heritage Month cooking events. (Photo Provided by Andrew Morrissey)

But, one might ask, what goes on behind the scenes in order to make these events successful? 

Halloween at Bronx Science is a festive occasion. 

Taybah Alam ’23, member of the S.O. Cabinet, also remembers all the laughter and excitement during last year’s Monster Mash. “Monster Mash, for example, is one of our big events, and people usually have an amazing time. It’s a really fun way to show school spirit,” Alam said. Many students have expressed their happiness during last year’s Monster Mash and this year’s Monster Mash did not disappoint as well. As students walked into school on Halloween morning, their faces lit up at the sight of large spiders and creatures sitting in the cafeteria.  

For this year’s Monster Mash, the S.O. Cabinet had great ideas in store for everyone at Bronx Science. The members stayed after school for hours in order to make Monster Mash look extra spectacular, with eye-catching decorations, exciting mini-games, iconic music, and, a crowd favorite, the haunted house. 

During Halloween festivities, the Monster Mash DJ played music through the speakers, bringing students to the dance floor. (Kathy Le )

Hispanic Heritage Month cooking events and Monster Mash are just some of the many events that the S.O. Cabinet makes happen each year.

Working together to make only 40 minutes the best 40 minutes of the day requires a lot of time and determination, so members of the S.O. Cabinet have many responsibilities. Being a Bronx Science student already comes with its own level of responsibility, but the members of the S.O. Cabinet experience double. They need to cater to the desires of the student body and juggle schoolwork at the same time. 

So, how do they make it work? 

Some members of the S.O. Cabinet explain that the after school hours dedicated to event preparation are worth the commitment. Matta explains that she manages her work by balancing her time and making sacrifices. “It is not easy, but when you find yourself passionate about your work, it will all work out,” Matta said. “By prioritizing certain tasks and allotting different times for different tasks, I am able to handle all your academic work for my classes along with all the responsibilities that come with being a member of the S.O. Cabinet,” Sinclair said. Alam also explained that, “Everything is manageable if you remember to dedicate time for all of your responsibilities.” 

All of the students explain that their responsibilities are worth the effort and offer advice that the best way to make the most out of your work is to prioritize. The members of the S.O. Cabinet manage their time and work by prioritizing and remembering that the outcome of the effort makes the long hours meaningful. 

The members of the S.O. Cabinet are crucial to the happiness of Bronx Science. With a complicated journey during the past few years, they have still managed to bring smiles to many student faces.

Being a Bronx Science student already comes with its own level of responsibility, but the members of the S.O. Cabinet experience double. They need to cater to the desires of the student body and juggle schoolwork at the same time.