Busier = Better?

These intelligent and motivated Bronx Science students have jam-packed schedules filled with AP classes, sports, and extracurriculars, but they still manage to stay well rested and relaxed.


Sophia Randall

Samgar Aidarhanov ’22 has a packed schedule, with three AP classes, policy debate, and indoor track on his agenda. Even so, he manages to get a over six hours of sleep every night.

At some point in life, you will undoubtedly meet an overachiever. You know, those people that always go above and beyond in everything they do. At Bronx Science, this is not uncommon, as many students strive to reach their full academic potential by working incredibly hard. These students typically tend to be the ones who are the most involved, doing debate or competing in robotics tournaments, running clubs, and participating in sports. Alexandra Oh ’22, Samgar Aidarhanov ’22, and Angel Parakabar ’22 are no exception to this exceptionalism. All three are impressive and motivated students who take advantage of the opportunities that Bronx Science offers them. 

Oh is currently enrolled in three AP classes: AP Biology, AP World History, and AP Statistics, as well as Honors Algebra II and Math Research. Having such a difficult course load keeps her very busy with schoolwork, but she doesn’t let it stop her from exploring other interests. Outside of class, she takes part of the Public Forum debate team, manages the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team, and is a member of Key Club. Oh claims her secret to success is managing stress by taking time to relax. She also said, “I don’t procrastinate all that much. Deadlines are scary, and they’re generally enough to motivate me.” After she finishes her work, she calms down by practicing the piano, which helps her to manage stress in a healthy way.  

Just like Oh, Aiderhanov is involved in various activities at school and is currently taking a challenging course load. He is a part of both the track and Policy debate teams while still managing to keep up with a packed academic schedule. Aiderhanov takes AP Biology, AP Statistics, Honors Algebra II, Math Research, and AP European History. In order to manage his time, he uses ToDoList, a software that allows him to manage his priorities in order of importance and set timers while he’s doing them. “I also have 9th period free, so I either use that period for homework or help from teachers during SGI, and I usually get some homework done on the subway,” he said. Aidervahov is an excellent example of a motivated and passionate Bronx Science student, since he doesn’t let his busy schedule get in the way of enjoying his life. 

Angel Prabakar ’22 is another prime example of an excellent student who is driven by the motivation to succeed. She has a remarkable ability to argue, as she is part of the extemporaneous speaking squad at Bronx Science. Prabakar prides herself in her ability to talk her way out of anything. As well as being argumentative, she is very intelligent. She currently has excellent grades in Advanced Placement courses such as AP Environmental Science and AP World History. Outside of school, Prabakar is the vice president of Bioethics Club and the secretary of the Christian Seekers Club. What’s remarkable about her is her ability to balance academics with relaxation; she still manages to unwind by watching YouTube or Netflix.

Overall, these students are brilliant and excel in their academic, athletic and extracurricular pursuits, truly representing the passion of the student body. Their achievements are certainly facilitated by their ability to skillfully balance everything in which they are involved. However, these sophomores are just some of the many students that are involved at school and have time to take hard courses. This is only a glimpse into the life of a busy Bronx Science student, and many others are also remarkable and hardworking. Busier may very well be better, but ultimately what’s important is to have a healthy balance between work and rest. 

I don’t procrastinate all that much. Deadlines are scary and they’re generally enough to motivate me,” said Alexandra Oh ’22.