Winter Fashion Tips to Look Stylish Regardless of the Weather


Labiba Hasan

“Dark colored clothes, joggers, and sweaters” are the fashion trend of Bronx Science seniors during the Winter of 2017-2018.

Although temperatures are dropping and days are getting darker, Bronx Science students manage to stay warm, cozy, and remarkably fashionable in the rough weather. But does that mean that these students throw away all of their summer apparel, and reconstruct their whole wardrobe for winter?

Absolutely not! For several girls and boys, winter fashion means layering for warmth and style,  adding more colors, patterns, and textures into an outfit. Starting with plaid skirts, mustard-yellow cardigans, knee-high socks, colorful infinity scarves, and nylon windbreakers, winter fashion visibly expresses greater creativity in everyday outfits.

Although some students view fashion as solely associated with clothing choices, many realize that fashion also includes trendy hairstyles, nail colors, lipsticks, and accessories worn. A simple hoodie with a hair bun and some huge gold hoops is a classic style that some girls wear without putting in too much effort. Similarly, a flannel with pin-rolled jeans and Timbs is a comfortable, classic look amongst boys at Bronx Science. If you have a difficult time putting together a trendy and comfy look in the morning, here are some pieces of advice:

“I like wearing hoodies. They’re comfortable and just a easy look for colder days,” said Hannah Telt ’18. Most students dress casual in the winter. Usually they are more dressy in the fall or summer because they have more energy in the warm weather. After seeing some winter outfits of Bronx Science girls, it’s evident they often wear sweats of any color. You can pair them with plain tops. It is an effortless look, but if you accessorize it with a gold watch, some earrings, a nice hair tie, or some cute chokers, the outfit looks more vivid and refreshed.

“I like wearing hoodies. They’re comfortable and just a easy look for colder days.”

When asking seniors what types of clothes are most worn in their grade, Jonathan Samuels ’18 said,“Dark colored clothes, joggers, and sweaters are the class favorites.” Although these comfortable clothes may be common among seniors, underclassmen seem to dress up more for the winter. Recently, denim skirts, flared pants, tube tops, cropped sweaters and colorful hoodies are the new trends among girls. Anyone can create a warm and trendy outfit. If you want to put your summer clothes to use, just add a bunch of layers such as jackets or scarves or flannels.

Labiba Hasan

“I like wearing hoodies. They’re comfortable and just a easy look for colder days,” said Hannah Telt ’18.