Rediscovering New York City


Karen Yeung

The beautiful view of Gantry State Plaza emerges in the wake of the sun.

Amidst the wintry weather, New York City presents a plethora of opportunities to satisfy both one’s hunger and will for adventure! Even with approaching deadlines and busy projects, there are still several notable locations worth traveling to and discovering, either individually or with friends.   

For those with an affinity for photography, Gantry State Plaza in Long Island City (Queens) is the place to go. The view serves as a great backdrop for portraits and urban shots alike. The park scenery consists of a glistening Manhattan skyline, complimented by its overlook of the East River. The Gantry walkways are decorated with luscious and vivid greenery that remains even in the wintertime. “It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and to see the entirety of Manhattan opposite the park,” Zaheen Hossain ’18 said.

Karen Yeung
Peaceful blues and warm oranges shape the scenery at Gantry State Plaza.

If we head underground in Manhattan, we are led to the City Hall Station tour. Visitors can get an interesting look at subway history unfolding at this ancient abandoned location. The premier MTA station is now relatively unknown to many subway riders, as it was discontinued in 1945 due to its inability to adapt to new metro infrastructure. Previously an ornamental underground station, City Hall has now become a tourist spot. Tickets are on sale annually starting in December and continue for the duration that the tour is available.

“It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and to see the entirety of Manhattan opposite the park,” Zaheen Hossain ’18 said.

City goers who are interested in exploring a variety of cultural cuisines within a single location will find their palates satisfied at Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue and West 59th Street in Manhattan. It is an excellent place to dine after a stroll around Central Park. The Hotel houses several restaurants located on the first floor, and they serve meals at moderate prices. Everything from French omelets to Japanese sushi can be found at this location. French cuisine here has particular fame!

Kelly Xiao
A warm ambiance and pastry aromas engulf diners at the City Plaza.

Yaya Tea is another place emerging as a favorite for Bronx Science students who are flavor fanatics. Isaac Rjavinski ’20 believes the variety of unique Asian combinations, such as green apple and kiwi, offered at Yaya Tea distinguishes its bubble tea as the highlight of his Chinatown trips. Besides the exotic menu, he describes the place to be “cozy and personable.” He encourages all to venture to Chrystie Street and seek out this tasty experience.

Victor Li ’18 suggests the Brooklyn Bazaar flea-market. Located on Greenpoint Avenue, the Brooklyn Bazaar is an event that combines night entertainment and small-item shopping. As a part-time venue, the Brooklyn Bazaar features small bands’ performances and is staged alongside pingpong tables and dance floors. “There is a nonchalant social atmosphere,” Li said.

Kelly Xiao
Casual street life surrounds the entrance of the Plaza Hotel on a typical Saturday morning.

On the edge of SoHo lies Canal Street Market. It is an indoor explorative tourist hub that welcomes all, and it is located indoors, year-round. With passerbys being invited into a studio space of light wood floors and minimalistic lighting, the Canal Street Market is a modern take on incorporating new lifestyle pieces into the New York experience. Authentic work and handcrafted jewelry are sold here by striving artists, accompanied by nearby food vendors and resting spaces.

With a variety of places to visit, students should take a moment to relax and explore this wonderful city in which we live!