Hot Spots Around New York City

A Bronx Science Student’s Guide to 2017-18 Cool Hangouts Around New York City


Aaron Wu

The spectacular view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park makes it worth the trip to get there.

For many high school students across American, school causes an increase in stress levels. All students want to find interesting places to go with their friends and have fun, in order to reduce this stress.

New York City is filled with various places and fascinating opportunities. From parks to restaurants to entertainment facilities, many venues are filled with opportunities for people to enjoy and relax from the heavy work loads in school. But the more options there are, the harder it is to choose what  intriguing places to explore with your friends.

Aaron Wu
Prince Billiards provides both excellent service and entertainment value for customers of all ages.

Billiards proves to be one of the most popular recreational game amongst the Bronx Science student population. As simple as it seems, it can be very addicting. Once you play one game, you want to play more. Prince Billiards provides a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for students looking for friendly competition. “It’s inexpensive, and it’s a great activity for broke high school kids to participate in,” Peter Alegre ’19 said. “It can be crowded, but it’s overall pretty good.”

Hex&Co adds a twists to the conventional cafes. Giving customers the access of over a hundred board games proves to be a phenomenal experience. For $5, you can spend the whole day in this cafe, playing various board games. “You pay a little money, and you can play many board games,” said Hugh-Jay Yu ‘19.

Aaron Wu
“Dave&Buster, located in Time Square, allows customers to enjoy classical arcade games.

Located in the Queens Meadows Park, the World Ice Arena provides all that you need in order to enjoy hours of ice skating. It makes for a nice and quaint afternoon with friends. In addition to the ice skating rink, the second floor contains a swimming pool for Recreational Center members to experience a yearlong opportunity to practice swimming.

Dave & Busters invites people of all ages to enjoy their time with arcade games. “It’s a bit overcrowded, but it’s a nice family-friendly environment because there’s a lot of games and prizes. It is a nice and wholesome atmosphere,” said Justin Chan ’18. Air hockey, arcade lotteries, retro games, trivial questionnaires —  there’s a diverse array of activities that can help you rack up points and win amazing prizes.


Aaron Wu
Kinokuniya, located near Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, is a Japanese bookstore with books, merchandise, and stationary.

Besides the physical facilities, there are also many other stores spread throughout New York City. From clothes to video games, stationery supplies to mementos, these places provides many services and items for everyone.

Kinokuniya is a store that sells a range of items, from books to stationery to Japanese merchandise. Although sometimes their items can be a little bit pricey, the quality of their materials is definitely worth it. “Kinokuniya is a refreshing and welcoming bookstore. With decent prices and polite staff, this shop is great for anyone who needs stationery or Japanese reading material,” said Evan Zou ‘20.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park provides a spectacular view and a great atmosphere, and is one of the best places for a picnic, during the warmer months. It also lies along the border between Brooklyn and Manhattan, so it is not as far away as you might expect. “It has everything that you want in a park,” said Josephine Wu ’18.

Governor’s Island also proves itself to be a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. It is not in any borough, so you have to take the ferry in order to get there, but that adds to how unique of a destination it is. Throughout the years, there have been many events featured on the island, mainly bike races, runs, and festivals. Outside of these events, the island is also filled with patterned designs, playground courses, and vast green spaces. Near the littorals is a perfect place for a serene nap, and definitely a recommended place for picnics and dates.