A New Beginning: Resolutions to Help With the Spring 2017 Semester


Lauren Choi

Amy Gu ’18 has several resolutions for the new semester, with the chief one as a resolution to avoid procrastination.

Three months into the new year of 2017, with last semester behind them, Bronx Science students are reflecting on what they could have done better during last semester, and they getting ready for what’s to come during the months of March, April, May, and June. For freshmen and sophomores who are new to this experience, the upperclassmen have resolutions and advice for what to expect in the years to come.

“During the second semester, I am working at completing my homework as soon as I get home after school, instead of procrastinating and finishing it on the morning of the day that it is due,” said Dante Schultz ’18. “I am tired of feeling rushed and anxious every day.” Through an informal poll, I noticed that this was also the case for many other members of the junior class, who wish to stop procrastinating and to get their work completed quickly.

Amy Gu ’18 added, “During the second semester, I want to be able to finish my work as quickly and as accurately as possible, so I can maximize the use of my free time. I procrastinate while doing homework, so I always finish late at night and end up with too little free time.”

Caroline Cifuentes ’18 agrees with this sentiment. “Everyone seriously needs to stop procrastinating, especially during their junior year! We still need to take the SAT or ACT on top of all the other work we have. Students believe that they can juggle thirty different tasks at once, but that just causes unnecessary stress. It’s better to take that time off to relax and sleep.”

“I want to enjoy the remaining time that I have left of high school with my friends and family before I go to college,” Kolodny said.

Not surprisingly, with college applications (and acceptances behind them, as of April 1st, 2017), the senior class has a very different outlook on the remaining months of the Spring semester. Marry Lim ’17 said, “Not only is this advice, but this is also my resolution for the few remaining months of my high school experience. I want to spend more time with my loved ones before I go to college,” said Lim. “I want to be happier. I also want to remember to count my blessings and to remain grateful for the strong supportive community that I have in my life.”

Jenna Kolodny ’17 had a similar resolution. “I want to enjoy the remaining time that I have left of high school with my friends and family before I go to college,” Kolodny said.

Hopefully Bronx Science students, regardless of grade level, will be inspired to pursue whatever resolutions they have for themselves, whether they are school related, or not.

Melina Asteriadis
Senior Jenna Kolodny’s resolution is to enjoy the last few fleeting months of high school.