Fashion Trends for the Year


Tasmia Kabir

Emmayrabbi Mohammad ‘18 wearing a jean jacket, one of the fashion trends of this year.

  • Oversized Jean jackets/bomber jackets

This fall, instead of seeing many people in thick sweaters, we often saw people dressed in oversized denim jackets or bomber jackets instead. Many students around the school can be seen wearing these jackets in the fall and winter to stay warm. Emmayrabbi Mohammad ’18 said, “I like wearing jean jackets because they’re a staple in my closet and go with practically anything. They can enhance any simple look by adding some edge. I usually like to wear them with black jeans and a black turtleneck.”

  • Instagram stories / recording live experiences

Later in the year, Instagram came out with a “stories” feature, similar to that of Snapchat. Many people have joined in on this, and they now post stories to their Instagram account. Recently, Instagram has also included a live feature, where you can record your experiences live. Although many people still use Snapchat, others have taken to Instagram to show off their experiences in short videos.  Sukanya Biswas ’17 said, “ I personally haven’t used the live feature yet, but I feel like it is very similar to Snapchat. I don’t really plan on using it that often.”

  • Mannequin Challenge

Rae Sremmurd’s song Black Beatles came out in August 2016, and around November, people started doing the Mannequin Challenge all over social media. Many clubs and students in the school did the mannequin challenge as well. Around Thanksgiving, many people also did the challenge with their families, posing while the song played in the background. Zinedine Hoque ’17 said, “It’s a fun thing to do with your friends when you’re bored, although it can be hard when you have a lot of people with you.”

  • Pastel Colors

Around springtime, many people started to wear pastel jackets and tops, and painted their nails these colors. In addition to this, a lot of people have dyed their hair pastel colors. This is a fun and exciting look that was perfect in the summer, for people willing to step out of their comfort zones. “I really wanted to dye my hair in the summer, but I wasn’t willing to step out of my comfort zone. People who do have pastel hair look really good, and it makes me wish that I had done it.”

  • Adidas Superstars / Stan Smiths

In 2016, the most worn shoe was probably these sneakers. Many people around the school can be seen wearing these, as they are very comfortable, and they can be easily paired with many different outfits. Retailing for around $80.00, these sneakers can be found at almost any shoe store as well as stores such as Urban Outfitters and ASOS. They can be worn with casual outfits, but can also be dressed up, making them very versatile yearround. Sabiha Chowdhury ’17 said “I’ve had these shoes for a few months now, and I can wear them with anything and during any season. I wear thme at least once a week.”