Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it, Munch it: The Research Behind How You Eat Oreo Cookies And What It Says About You

Do you prefer the cookie or the cream of an Oreo? This appears to be a ridiculous question at first, but a research paper on your personality lies beneath the surface!


Asuka Koda

Asuka Koda ’23 eats unique variations of Oreo flavors in order to match her diverse interests in her daily activities.

Renowned for their rich flavor and a perfect balance of cream and crunch, it is no wonder that Oreo cookies were given the title, “Milk’s Favorite,” back in 1912. The glossy blue, enticing packaging, paired with its crunchy savoriness makes the Oreo cookie a staple for family pantries. From Birthday Cake to Lemon Twist, Double Stuf (sic) to Mint Thins, the art of variety is no stranger to an Oreo. Despite its captivating variety, however, all Oreo products are subject to the same debate: “What is the right way to eat an Oreo cookie?” Most have accepted that there truly is no answer, but your Oreo eating style definitely says a little something about you! Let us take a step back and observe a general view.

To start off, we will take a look at two simple eating styles, one bite at a time or not a bite at a time. Not eating it a bite at a time would consist of any eating style that simply is not the traditional one-bite-wonder, such as eating it whole or twisting it apart.  A survey of 432 students found that 112 students eat Oreo cookies one bite at a time while 320 students do not. Of those 112 students, 82.14% consider themselves introverted. Of the remaining 320 students, 10.14% consider themselves introverted. Take a look at the figure below for a full one-tailed 2-Proportion Z-Test in search of evidence to demonstrate that there is a relationship between how people eat Oreo cookies and their social mannerisms.

This figure is a Two-Proportion Z-Test for the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the proportion of people who consider themselves introverts from those who eat Oreo cookies in one bite and those who do not. (Samama Moontaha)

If you are confused, do not worry! The major takeaway is that the probability of seeing the statistical outcome that was recorded is 2.9733 *10^-89,which is significantly lower than the alpha value of 0.01. Therefore, there is evidence to support that people who eat Oreo cookies one bite at a time are more likely to consider themselves introverts! So what does this mean? Well, for starters, if you are not eating the cookie the traditional way, you tend to be more extroverted! But that is too much of an open-ended claim, so let’s dig deeper.

Bronx Science students were asked to detail how they eat the cookie and the name of a friend who can describe their personality. Unlike the data collection stated above, students would not be elaborating on their own personality, but rather we received input from external sources for hopefully more accurate data.

Finley Berlin ’23 shared her preferred style of eating an Oreo dipped in milk. Anita Jung ’21 from LaGuardia High School, who spoke on behalf of Berlin’s personality, said, “Finley is super ambitious. She knows what she wants and will always go out of her way to make it happen.” Fahim Faisal ’21 dips his cookies in milk as well. Ariq Habib ’21 described him as “such a hard worker. When he puts his mind to something, he’ll get it done. He’s easy to love and amazing to be around.” The two descriptions share an adventurous, get-it-done mindset. As risk-takers, milk dippers are upbeat and bold. Parallel to the actual action, it is no small feat to get that perfect dip while preserving enough crunch to avoid sogginess, but this poses no problem for our fearless dippers.

Another popular Oreo eating habit was scraping the cream off and eating the cracker alone. Two students who vouched for this style were Masuma Faruqi ’23 and Safia Billah ’21. On behalf of Masuma spoke Maheen Rassell ’23, who said, “Masuma is just always there. She’s reliable and here to help. It’s also so easy to be in a good mood around her. She knows how to make the best out of every situation and goes for her.” Speaking for Safia was Saira Billah ’21, who described her sister as “very much of a stay-on-the-low type of person. She likes to please others and be the best person possible, and that’s exactly what she does!” With full acknowledgment on how to go about things for the best outcome, Oreo scrapers have no hesitancy to go out for exactly what they aspire to achieve.

Samama Moontaha twists apart her Oreo cookie as soon as she gets it! She savors the flavor and enjoys the variation in eating it in two parts, one with some cream and one with just crunch!
(Samama Moontaha)

Eating an Oreo whole was another popular habit which Yasin Karim ’21 happens to indulge in. Fahim Faisal described him as “incredibly kind. He’s a fast thinker, especially when it comes to helping out others. Never hesitant to lend a helping hand, he’s quick on his feet.” With that being said, whole cookie eaters are always on the move. If your initiative is to simply get things done, what’s the point in waiting? This is reflected in their tendency to finish up a cookie in a single bite; you consume life with abandon. You are fun to be with, exciting, and carefree with a hint of ambition.

Now, this would not be a fair evaluation without hearing how people who eat their cookie one bite at a time were described. Two students who voted in favor of eating this way were Jaymie Paredes ’21 and Julie Lin ’21. Speaking for Jaymie was Siam Suleri ’21 from Bard High School, who said “Jaymie is an empathetic sweetheart. She gets along with almost everyone she meets. She is always there for people and is easy to talk to.” Speaking for Julie was Chidinma Agbasi ’21, who said, “Julie is calm and relatable. She’s always happy and positive and tries to look for the best in every situation.” What can we take away from these one-biters? Well, they’re a staple in our lives for being reliable, relatable, and dependable. They easily fit in and are very approachable, not intimidating, but friendly at every turn.

In one of their famous promo commercials, the narrators chant to the backdrop of upbeat music, “… roll it, stack it, flip it, crunch it … snack it, hack it, crack it, creme it!” Exuding a cheerful spirit, the ad encourages people to take advantage of every opportunity to employ creative freedom. Practicing diversity in imagination, Oreo creators encourage people to steer clear from feeling obligated to adhere to rigid, normative standards. Creativity is essential for personality development, but at the end of the day, you make the best choices for yourself. Preferences are subjective and depend heavily on the pluralistic upbringings, backgrounds, and the world views of each individual. The next time you find yourself having trouble putting your personality into words, pick up an Oreo and examine how you eat it!

Practicing diversity in imagination, Oreo creators encourage people to steer clear from feeling obligated to adhere to rigid, normative standards.