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Leah Yoes ‘18 was a second place winner in the category of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the regional level of JSHS.

Seniors Dominate at JSHS Research Competitions

June 30, 2018

Following three years of research, many seniors submitted their papers and projects to a wide number o...

Emmayrabbi Mohammad '18 finds Cardi B's life story to be enlightening.

Bronxite Cardi B Takes the Music Industry by Storm

May 10, 2018

Taking the world by storm, Cardi B is a breakout female rapper from the Bronx. In September 2017, she b...

Aisha Saleem '18, is an avid New York Times reader.

North Korea’s Past Influences Their Decisions Today

December 29, 2017

Making headlines much too often, North Korea continues to shock people with threatening and aggressive...

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