The Science Survey

From Left to Right: Christina Papageorgiou '18, Kashfia Zaman '18, Anna Clevenger '18, and Gali Davar '18 with their Ethics Bown trophy.

Ethical Edification: Our Ethics Bowl Team

May 10, 2018

When people think of Bronx Science, they immediately think of our scientific accomplishments. What they may ...

English Teacher Mr. McConnell teaches poetry to his A.P. English Language class for National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month

April 25, 2018

Though Bronx Science is famous as a science school, poetry is also of great interest for its students...

“I have been competing for almost my whole life. I love the sport, I love the competition and I am excited to continue it in college! Go jumbos!” Lantis Wang ‘18 said.

Trust the Process: Athletic Scholarships to College

March 4, 2018

As most Bronx Science students are taking the academic route in the college process, some have decided to t...

 “I love wearing my sports jerseys to school! I love the competition and pride that lies along the professional sports teams rivalries at Bronx Science. Let’s go Giants!” Sameer Chowdhury 19’ said.

Kick Off!

January 3, 2018

While Bronx Science students are invested in their classes and academics, they also sometimes have fun. A...

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