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Tidal Tea is currently open to the community. “We are open for take out and pick up. We take cash and any electronic method of payment,” said Ethan Chen ’20.

Order In! Takeout and Delivery Options During the Coronavirus Pandemic

June 18, 2020

The strain on the restaurant industry continues to be one of the most pronounced effects of the Coron...

With the nationwide move towards online learning caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of students are concerned about upcoming college applications. “I am worried whether the pandemic will be taken into consideration when going through the college application process,” said Lucia Cho ’21.

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact Upon the College Application Process

May 15, 2020

As students nationwide continue their work at home due to coronavirus, questions are beginning to aris...

For many students, buying food from the food truck is the only time that they use cash “When I visit the food truck, I use cash because they won’t accept credit cards,” Ben Zakharov ’21 said.

Keep The Change

April 7, 2020

Digital payment has become as easy as a tap, swipe, or click. More and more people are using credit cards,...

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