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Here is the 929 meters-tall building that Tom Cruise scaled in his infamous stunt in 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,' the Burj Khalifa.

Tom Cruise and NASA Work Together on First Movie to Be Filmed in Space

June 17, 2020

On May 5, 2020, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed that the company will be working with To...

Pictured is a sold-out AEW show before the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Pro-Wrestling World Accepts The COVID-19’s Challenge

May 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Sports and Entertainment businesses from all angles, from the suspension...

Asif Anzum ’21, a long time rap fan, believes 'Music to be Murdered By' is Eminem's “comeback'' album.

An Element of Surprise in the Release of Eminem’s Tenth Straight No. 1 Album

April 7, 2020

On January 17, 2020, Eminem released Music to Be Murdered By, his 11th studio album, with no prior annou...

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