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“If the MLB and the Players Association do not come to an agreement soon, this may be the start of a new reality for professional sports,” said Skye Lam ’22.

MLB 2020 Season: A 9th Inning Save or a Strikeout?

June 20, 2020

Summers in America: Beaches, Barbeques, Baseball. Will we be able to enjoy these summer pastimes, or...

Students in AP Economics and Government are learning about the causes and effects of a global recession while learning remotely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Global Economy

May 13, 2020

Some say “life is like a rollercoaster,” but billions around the world are not thrilled on this ride. Global...

Most earthquakes part of the swarm have struck along the southern shore of Puerto Rico, but have left devastating effects across the island.

Puerto Rico Perseveres Through Thousands of Devastating Earthquakes

April 10, 2020

Over the past three months, Puerto Rico, a territory slightly larger than Connecticut, has been rocked...

Hundreds of student athletes from Bronx Science participate in PSAL Sports throughout the academic year, including over seventy students on the Boys’ Varsity Track Team. As a member of this team, Justin Kong ’21 looks to professional athletes for inspiration. “Olympic athletes are a constant reminder that no matter how much better I get at my sport, or no matter how much I think I've improved, there's always another step for me to take,” Kong said.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics: A Preview

March 3, 2020

What do cycling, swimming, and basketball all have in common? They are all sports with top athletes wh...

New York City students gather in Manhattan at a rally advocating for global changes in climate regulations.

New York Becomes the Second State to Ban Single Use Plastic Bags

November 24, 2019

With growing concerns about climate change, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill earlier this year in whi...

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