The Science Survey

Alysa Chen ’19, president of LEAP club, shares her thoughts on the correlation between food and climate change.

Food for Thought

November 24, 2019

Recently, there has been a surge in environmental activism both within Bronx Science, as well as the r...

Jason Li ’19 cooked for his mother in celebration of Mother’s Day, instead of opting for an expensive gift.

How Not to Celebrate Mother’s Day

May 13, 2018

Who was the mother of Mother’s Day? It was none other than Anna Jarvis, who, ironically, was never a mo...

Samantha Yan ’21 finishing a kip on the bar.

Girls’ Varsity Gymnastics Team Leaps Through an Undefeated Season

May 10, 2018

During the Winter 2017-2018 sports season, the  Girls' Varsity Gymnastics team rolled, cartwhe...

Mr. Cheung, a geometry teacher at Bronx Science, and the winner of the 2011 Pi Day pie eating contest.

Craving Pi(e)?

December 29, 2017

The cafeteria was full of excited students, teachers, and many pies. Everyone was full of anticipati...

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