The Science Survey

Noah Bushlow ‘20 has faced an unsatisfying end to his athletic career, as all Spring 2020 PSAL sports seasons have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

How Bronx Science Spring Athletes are Dealing with Quarantine

May 15, 2020

For most Bronx Science students, the Coronavirus pandemic and the necessity of quarantine has been a disapp...

This picture, from Bronx Science's  Holocaust Museum, is a sign of the unwavering strength of the Jewish community, even in the face of rising persecution.

Disturbing Rise in NYC Anti-Semitism

April 14, 2020

“Growing crisis.”  “Domestic terrorism.” These are the words that New York City Mayor Bill DeB...

Ryan Caress ’20, like many, is uncomfortable around clowns but still goes to clown movies.

Creepy Clowns Capture Hollywood

November 24, 2019

Clowns in 1960s America represented everything good in the world, beacons of joy and happiness. They were...

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