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Despite Greece’s rocky past, many people now hold hope for the future of the country. “As a nation familiar with social and economic turbulence, it is exciting to see how the new President will influence the current political climate,” said Elena Morgan ’20.

A Female Hope for Greece

April 22, 2020

Greece has recently appointed its first female head of state with an overwhelmingly partisan vote in...

“Our government’s failure to manage the country’s issues with infrastructure and the economy have pushed people of all ages to protest. The streets are flooded with students from all over Lebanon,” said Lebanese student Celeste Abourjeli ’20.

Beirut Speaks Out

March 3, 2020

Between a fifteen year civil war, heavy taxation and corrupt leaders, the people of Lebanon have had ...

Some students use their style to convey their mood and confidence, such as Marco Stetller ’21.

Stylish Students

November 24, 2019

In a school as large as Bronx Science, it is easy to feel like you are just a face in the crowd. ...

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