The Return of Smorgasburg

Pineapple Bird from Thai Bird.

Melissa Cen

Pineapple Bird from Thai Bird.

With the news that NYC’s favorite food fair is returning, New Yorkers and tourists alike are flocking over to Brooklyn to get a taste. At Smorgasburg, crowds line up for over 100 food vendors and enjoy their food by the East River with a view of the Manhattan skyline.

This year’s new vendors are currently blowing up the internet. Plastered all over Instagram feeds are the Japanese pancakes. Thick, fluffy, and jiggly, the pancakes have captured the hearts of foodies all over the world. Luckily for New Yorkers, Fluffy’s NYC is selling their incredibly soft soufflé pancakes at Smorgasburg. They sell three different flavors: Blueberry Cheesecake, Creme Brûlée, and Rainbow Unicorn. The Creme Brûlée is coated with sugar on top and caramelized with a torch, while the Rainbow Unicorn pancakes are a bright color and is topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Melissa Cen
Ube Halo Halo from Ube Kitchen.

Another new vendor stirring up attention is Kochin Desserts. Its specialty is Vietnamese dessert tornadoes with a French twist. Kochin Desserts prides itself not only on its desserts’ cultural roots, but by its desserts’ nutritional value. Kochin has interesting flavors such as Coffee Bomb (flan topped with coffee jelly, banana brûlée, and coffee ice cream) and Tropical Paradise (avocado pudding with coconut ice cream and aloe vera jelly). Served in a tornado-shaped cup, the unique treat has received recognition all over social media.

Among all these desserts is the cutest pizza you’ve ever seen. The Pizza Cupcake is serving, as the name states, pizza cupcakes. The dough is a cross between brioche and regular pizza dough for a doughnut-like texture. Although these cakes are small, they are packed with flavors such as margherita, pepperoni, funghi, and zucchini. Made with fresh ingredients and easy to share, these little pizzas are worth a try.

If you’re looking for something light to finish off your day at Smorgasburg, The Better Pop is serving their special fruit popsicles. Photogenic and delicious, these popsicles are not simply the ones you buy at the supermarket; they are made with kombucha. They come in a minimalist design that is simple yet eye catching. Filled with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, kombucha pops are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Although there are many newcomers, successful vendors from last season are making their return at Smorgasburg. Last season, many vendors at Smorgasburg went viral. The Brooklyn food fair received a lot of publicity and started many of the latest trends. Videos of the event from last year have been spread all over the internet, winning the hearts of food lovers. Fortunately, these vendors are not leaving Smorgasburg or our hearts.

One vendor that received considerable recognition was King Street Kitchen. What grabbed everyone’s attention were its big sticky buns. The irregular size makes the treat stand out. The buns are also drenched with creative toppings. The selection of flavors are brown sugar and honey, cream cheese icing, and a weekly flavor, like peanut butter and jelly. This gigantic treat could not stay out of the limelight last year and will return to the food fair this season.

Melissa Cen
Watermelon John and Pineapple John from John’s Juice.

Another returning vendor is Ube Kitchen. One of their most unique and recognized treats is Halo Halo, a traditional Filipino dessert. It serves modern variations of the treat, like adding activated charcoal. New to the menu is its ube cupcake. The cupcake is filled with torched flan and served with a side of ice cream. This food vendor will give you a taste of the Philippines.

“With all the pictures of food from Smorgasburg online, like the tornado dessert and the big buns, I couldn’t just not go,” said Marc Lim ’20, who went recently.

Speaking of foods inspired by other countries, Tramezzini sells Venetian sandwiches and is another returning vendor. The sandwiches are vibrant and colorful—perfect for the ’gram. The company prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and healthiness of the food. Tramezzini’s beets-infused mozzarella in carrozza, a Venice-inspired sandwich, is proudly listed on Thrillist. The cheese inside is bright magenta—naturally colored with beets. Each year, Tramezzini attracts attention from all kinds of customers from all over the world.

For its second year at the fair, Lobsterdamus is bringing live wild-caught Maine lobsters. They use a Mesquite grill to cook whole lobsters, which they serve over noodles. Aside from the popular Maine dish, they also serve Lobster Nachos, Lobster Truffle Fries, Garlic Noodz, and Lobster Balls. Though the lines for this vendor are always long, the fresh lobster is worth the wait.

Another vendor that blew up on the internet last year was John’s Juice. It serves fruit juice, but with a twist—instead of cups, the drinks are served in actual fruits. So if you do go to Smorgasburg, don’t be surprised to find people drinking straight out of a watermelon!

Thai Bird also serves its products in fruit, however, it takes things in a more savory direction. It serves pineapple chicken in a hollowed pineapple. The blend of sweet from the pineapple and the savory from the chicken make a perfect match. You no longer need to choose between the flavors—you can choose both, and you can do it in style.

Next time you’re looking for a fun foodie adventure, be sure to check out Smorgasburg where you can enjoy food from all around the world and the beautiful spring weather—all in one place.