Winter Is Here: Thrones Finale Will Be EPIC

Science Students Try to Predict the Most Unpredictable Show for the Anticipated Finale


Adam Israelevitz

Both Evaluna Smithgartner, ‘19 (left) and Elisa Pappagallo, ’19 (right) think the last season of Thrones will be its best yet.

A warning to those that have not watched the show: there are spoilers ahead.

Few final seasons have been as hotly anticipated as Season 8 of Game of Thrones. The first of six episodes in the final season premiered Sunday April 14th, with the series finale showing on May 19th. Each show is over an hour in length, with the final two episodes clocking in at over 80 minutes a piece.

Many Hollywood critics said this was the most anticipated season premiere in decades for the TV industry. The suspense was almost unbearable for GOT fans, because each season takes over a year to film and edit. In fact, Episode Three of the new season has the longest battle sequence in tv show history, so serious time for special effects need to be allotted.

There are many developing storylines that are highlighted this season and many questions that loyal audience members expect to be answered. Will Daenerys Targaryen accept Jon as the true heir to the Iron Throne? Will Jon and Arya unite? How will Jon and Dany defeat the Cersei? Whose side is Jamie on? Who is the prince that was promised? And of course, the eternal question, who will end up sitting on the Throne at the end of the show (if the Throne still exists)? “I think the show will give us a few more surprises.There are so many fan theories and conspiracies out there, but I’m confident George R.R. Martin will have cooked up something crazy,” Morgan Covino ’19 said.

“This was the most anticipated season premiere in decades for the TV industry.”

The show has reportedly recorded four separate endings for the show. With all the special effects that go into just one scene on the show that films in three continents per season, why would they waste so much money on this? The answer is simple. Considering how much people love the show, and that leaked video from the production site can spoil an entire episode of key reveals, false endings are needed in order to keep the audience guessing. “I have watched countless fan theories and predictions, so I feel as if I know any possible outcome. Having said that, it is Game of Thrones, so in the end, all my preparation will be wasted on an insane new twist,” said Evaluna Smith Gartner ’19, a longtime Thrones fan.

Another source of debate revolves around the politics of Game of Thrones. Because the show centers so much around power and authoritarian rule, there have been parallels drawn from the show to the modern political arena. Some argue that Game of Thrones is in a position to subtly show the parallels and dangers of power in politics, while others believe that Game of Thrones is a fantasy show, and should remain apolitical, and instead unify audiences through their love of the show.

Although this will be the end of the show as we know it, due to its massive popularity, HBO is creating four new spin off shows based off the original series, including a highly-anticipated prequel.

What will happen in the hotly anticipated finale of the world’s greatest show?

Watch it to find out!