NYC’s Most Haunted Treats


Melissa Cen

Spider Donut and Strawberry Donut from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Halloween is coming up and many of New York City’s favorite spots are adding limited edition Halloween treats to their menu. These treats are seasonal, so make sure to hunt them down before they disappear.

Among the first to start celebrating the spooky season is DO, a bakery specialized in edible, bakeable, customizable cookie dough. They jumped into the Halloween spirit by serving a chocolate candy corn flavor cookie dough exclusively at Urbanspace 570 Lex, their pop up store, for the entire month of October.

Quick to hop on the Halloween fright fest, Milk & Cream Bar—a cereal-based shop notorious for their spin on soft serve—is bringing two Halloween specials back to the table: Franken Berry and Boo Berry. The desserts were such a crowd pleaser last year that they had to bring it back. The fruity flavors are sure to put everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Melissa Cen
Franken Berry Ice Cream from Milk and Cream Cereal Bar.

Soon to be on everyone’s Instagram feed are Stuffed Ice Cream’s holiday cones. Their Jack-O-Lantern and Bat cones have returned in full force for Halloween. The Jack-O-Lantern is Thai tea flavored while the Bat is Rocky Road flavored; both are decorated with candy and bits of cookies. These treats are sure to be worth the hunt.

Back for this year’s Halloween weekend is 16 Handles’ Midnight Tahitian Vanilla Frozen Yogurt. They are also serving a brand new flavor, Candy Bar Crush Gelato. The gelato is made with mixed crushed chocolate candies. The ice cream flavors are sure to send chills down your spine.

Matcha n’ More is prepared to spook up your Halloween par-tea with their Halloween edition Thai Iced Tea flavored ice cream. A pumpkin or ghost fondant is added for a special Halloween touch.

A popular food chain, Baskin-Robbins, decided to get an upgrade specially for October. They added Trick Oreo Treat ice cream to their menu. It features a classic vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed chunks of orange crème filled Oreos, pieces of Baby Ruth chocolate, and pieces of Butterfinger candy pieces.

Dunkin Donuts is also celebrating Halloween with Oreo, releasing two new treats: the Oreo Donut and the Oreo Hot Chocolate. In addition, the chain is now featuring the new Spider Donuts. This new dessert is a classic donut covered with orange frosting and topped with an eight legged creature—a spider. The spider is made from a chocolate munchkin with chocolate drizzle for legs and white chocolate icing for eyes. This sweet and scary treat is perfect for Halloween Instagram-worthy pictures.

“The green buns really caught my eye,” said Karen Zhao ’19.

Also releasing Halloween-themed donuts is Krispy Kreme. They are introducing two new flavors: the Trick or Treat Donut and the Monster Batter Donut. Alongside the new donuts, Halloween favorites including the Jack-O-Lantern Donut and the Chocolate Iced Donut with Halloween Sprinkles are returning for another month of spooky scares. The donuts are available until October 31st. Plus, if you come dressed in a costume on Halloween you can score a free donut.

Next are the cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. The Monster Mash, a party pack of cupcakes sampling five handcrafted flavors of sweet and spooky cupcakes, is perfect for a Halloween celebration. Their spooky assortment includes Eyeball, Midnight Munchies, Bear-ied Alive, Haunted Pop Chocolate, and the exclusive WICKED cupcake. The cupcakes are designed with bright Halloween colors and are sure to add a pop to your holiday.

With more cupcakes, Sprinkles will spook up any Halloween party with two new boxes: the Halloween Bake Box and the BOO Box. The cupcakes come in four flavors: vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black and white, and Pumpkin. No ghost, goblin, or monster could resist these sweet cupcakes.

If you want a bigger treat than cupcakes, you can get the Black Mirror Crepe Cake available at Lady M Cake Boutique. This cake is composed of twenty layers of paper thin charcoal crepes. The cake is filled with coffee and charcoal infused pastry cream.

Melissa Cen
Jack-o-Lantern Cone from Stuffed Ice Cream.

Putting a unique spin on your Halloween,  Treat House giving their Marshmallow and Crispy Rice Treats a spooky makeover. They put together a Halloween 12 Pack with flavors like Candy Corn, Hot Cocoa, Pumpkin Pie, Ghostly M&M, and Spooky Cookies and Cream. These treats are sure to be gobbled up by all the Goblins!

Not only are there treats, but there are refreshing Halloween drinks; Starbucks is now serving Witch’s Brew. This drink includes “powdered lizard scales, swamp fog, bat warts, and toad’s breath.” They are also offering treats to go with your spooky frappuccino: Mummy Cake Pops and Raccoon Cookies.

Last but definitely not least is Burger King. Their new Halloween creation is sure to make heads turn. They are debuting Nightmare King—a burger with a green bun. “The green buns really caught my eye,” said Karen Zhao ’19. To wash the burger down, Burger King also released a Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry drink and is—as it says in the name—dark black.

These Halloween treats can decorate your party or be the perfect snack to munch on while trick or treating. The limited edition eats are sure to bring an exciting scare to your October so make sure to hunt them down before they vanish.