We’re All In the Upside Down


Emily Bedolis

Audrey Hill ‘20 has been told many times that she resembles ‘Stranger Things 2’ character, Maxine Mayfield.

With head spinning daily news headlines and the end of an incredibly successful television show already in sight, it seems like our world may have been turned upside down. Released on Netflix on October 27, 2017, ‘Stranger Things 2,’ sequel to the hit show, ‘Stranger Things,’ generated an immense amount of buzz, both for its captivating story and for the drama that the various actors on the show have found themselves in.

In a recent survey sent out to the entire Bronx Science student body, 75.6% of students said they watched ‘Stranger Things 2’ and loved it. Many students said they were skeptical of watching the mainstream first season, but realized how amazing it was as soon as they pressed play. “I didn’t want to watch the first season, because it seemed like everyone else was watching it. Once I started, I thought it was so great that it was worth being considered a follower,” said Arsha Uthairungsri ’21.

In addition to the students who knew of the show before they started watching, there were plenty of students who stumbled upon ‘Stranger Things’ without any clue as to what it was. “I originally watched season one last year when I found it browsing through Netflix. I was hooked! I was so excited when Season 2 was released that I binge watched it and finished it within a week!” said Rolan Pilenyi ’21.

The overall love for ‘Stranger Things’ is felt throughout the Bronx Science student body, with fans giving varying reasons as to why it made an impact upon them. “The 80’s culture is definitely my favorite thing about the show! The soundtrack got me listening to 80’s bands like Oingo Boingo and a lot more, and I loved the 80’s movies references in the second season,” said Luzmarie Guerrero ’19.

“Eleven has super powers, so I think she’s a great role model for young girls,” said Hill.

For other students, the nerdy group of friends that the show centers around is the most compelling factor. “My friend group reminds me a lot of the group on the show. They’re very close and not the most popular, but they are bound by their friendship and their love of nerdy things,” said Audrey Hill ’20.

One of the focuses of the second season was this group of friends and their difficulty welcoming a new member to their already tight-knit group, known as “the party.” This new member was fiery red-haired Maxine Mayfield, also known in the arcade as “Madmax.” She moved to town with her older brother, Billy, and managed to find a place with the sci-fi loving boys. “People have told me that I look like Max. She’s a pretty cool character, but I still like Eleven more,” said Hill.

Hill isn’t the only one who’s favorite character is Eleven; Eleven, Steve, and Dustin were the top three favorites of Bronx Science students.  “Eleven is really strong and independent. She tries to do the right thing, and she really cares about her friends. Also, Eleven has super powers, so I think she’s a great role model for young girls,” said Hill.

‘Stranger Things’ fans had extremely mixed reactions when hearing that the next two seasons of the show would be the last. “We were thinking that it will be a four-season thing and then out,” ‘Stranger Things’ writers and creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, said in an interview with Vulture. 41.3% of the surveyed student body said they thought it was for the best, while 32.9% reported that they were deeply saddened.  Either way, these next two seasons, the release dates of which are still unknown, are sure to attract a huge viewing.