The Edge of High School: A Review of ‘The Edge of Seventeen’


Raheel Yanful

Sanweda Mahagabin ’18 relates to many of the themes explored in the movie ‘The Edge of Seventeen.’

“Teenagers have to deal with multiple things they should not be dealing with, at an age where they are supposed to be learning more about themselves. We are forced to decide what we want our future to be, to choose the perfect college, and to essentially figure ourselves out, all while dealing with the ever changing climate that surrounds us,” said Sanweda Mahagabin ’18.

The movie, The Edge of Seventeen, portrays this exact struggle, by presenting different situations with unique characters such as Nadine (main character), Krista (Nadine’s best friend), Darian (Nadine’s brother), Nick (Nadine’s crush), Mr. Bruner (Nadine’s history teacher), and Erwin (Nadine’s new friend).

The Edge of Seventeen portrays the pressure of growing up, feeling like the world has its eyes on you, and that any mistakes you make will be held against you. But Nadine learns it is okay to make mistakes when she tries to tackle the pressure of high school, a lesson that all teenagers learn, as high school eventually comes to an end and a new chapter begins. As Jessica Wang ’18  explained, “In middle school everything was just fun, friends, and maybe just a bit of academic achievement in preparation for high school, or just for one’s own benefit. However, once you’re in high school, there’s a very delicate balance of what you can handle as a person without being driven into insanity.”

Every since Nadine was little, she has depended on her best friend Krista. Through the even more awkward transitions from becoming a teenager from a child, they have been like two peas in a pod. Many students in Bronx Science have that one best friend that they depend on for everything. That friend is the one they go to when they feel happy, when they feel defeated, and when they feel like they are carrying the weight of the whole world on their shoulders. “My best friend holds a gigantic chunk of my heart, and without her, there would just be a void because no one will ever understand me like she does. She brings light to my life whenever it feels dark,” said Anika Lamia ’18.

However, finding out that the one person you depend on is changing and moving on without you isn’t the best feeling. Nadine tries to deal with Krista’s slowly turning serious relationship with Darian with different outbursts of emotions. Nadine’s journey regarding trying to accept the relationship between her best friend and her brother helps her to realize that life isn’t supposed to be easy. Like most students in Bronx Science, Nadine is just a girl who is stressed enough as it is.

“High school life is always difficult. You have people climbing over each other to get to the top, but everyone wants to find a place to belong and a lot of people (even though they don’t admit it) want to be known as ‘cool’ or ‘chill.’ It’s stressful in the sense that you really don’t know what direction you want to head towards. Not to mention, there are so many sacrifices and big decisions that you need to make along the way which in some form simulate what life will be like in the future, when the choices you make resonate on a much larger scale,” said Jessica Wang ’18.

High school wouldn’t be complete without best friends, and a teacher with whom you can talk to. Nadine’s bold interactions with her history teacher, Mr. Bruner, was a critical part in making this movie come together. Bronx Science is filled with some teachers you just can’t forget. Naksha Roy ‘18 stated, “I remember a teacher who I’m quite thankful for because he has taught me the importance of not giving up. Often times, we feel as if we can’t do something. I also felt that sometimes. But, my teacher has showed me that if one truly hard works and has a goal, no matter how many hindrances you encounter, you have the ability to achieve it. I still remember these words, and I’ve been following the advice since then.”

“The choices you make resonate on a much larger scale,” said Jessica Wang ’18.

At the end, what you know and learn in high school helps you to grow as a person. “Every high schooler knows this experience one way or another. No classes are truly light, and life will never hand you anything for free. Each day is a battle for a better tomorrow, so, if I had one piece of advice, it would be ‘carpe diem,’ said Jessica Wang ’18.