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Yuna Komiyama
Yuna Komiyama is a Staff Reporter for The Science Survey newspaper and a Student Life Section editor for The Observatory yearbook. As a yearbook editor, she edits each article for its grammar and contents, and oversees any deadlines. Komiyama enjoys the interactions she experiences and the stories she hears through journalistic writing and photography. Her favorite hobbies include scuba diving, travelling, visiting museums, baking, and reading; her current favorite author is David Mitchell. In the future, Komiyama hopes to join some sort of journalistic publication offered at an university; she plans on studying either international relations, economics, or political science.

Yuna Komiyama, Staff Reporter

Mar 22, 2017
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Nov 22, 2016
Ava Kaufman Wins Big in Essay Contest (Story)
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Yuna Komiyama