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Stephanie Weng
Stephanie Weng is an Online Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Group Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ Journalism is a passion that she developed from her older sister, Debbie, who is a role model to her. What Stephanie finds to be the most appealing about journalistic writing is the possibility to reflect on multiple of perspectives, to represent all voices rather than just one overpowering voice. In photography, she finds the aspect of being able to capture a moment in time and preserve a memory to be invaluable. Some of her interests outside of school are baking and reading. Her favorite show at the moment is ‘Cooking with the Dog.’ In college, she desires to enter into the medical field. In the future, her greatest hope is to become a pediatrician. She can see herself pursuing photography as a hobby in the future, as she finds the ability to capture a moment in space for eternity utterly fascinating.

Stephanie Weng, Online Newspaper Editor

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Stephanie Weng