The Science Survey

Serena Wu
Serena Wu is a Graphic Designer for ‘The Science Survey’ and ‘The Observatory.’ Serena has often pondered the many mysteries humans have bestowed on their planet; its simplicity but contrasting complexity creates a sense of juxtaposition that truly interests her. Serena feels that journalism provides an outlet for those who cannot have their voices heard to be heard through a more eloquent and nondiscriminatory frame. In addition to exercising her first amendment rights and speaking freely about topics that she strongly believe in, she has also found refuge through the medium of photos. She believes that photography is a unique form of art that words cannot possibly describe. In her free time, Serena likes to explore New York City and visit exotic food destinations; she has tried everything from korean octopus known as san-nakji to delicious Indian chicken curry with fresh baked naan bread. Serena believes that food is best enjoyed slowly with friends and family and thus, always tries to make time for her beloved ones. Serena plans on pursuing a history degree in college and hopes to be able to flourish wherever life may take her.  

Serena Wu, Graphic Designer

May 30, 2018
Barry Mazur ’54 (Story)
We've got the news down to a science!
Serena Wu