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Sara Buklan
Sara Buklan is Chief Graphic Designer of ‘The Science Survey’ and ‘The Observatory,’ as well as an occasional Staff Reporter. She has always loved writing and has a passion for art and exploring the world, along with writing about diverse opinions in her school and community. From a young age, she has been involved in performing arts, and spends a great deal of time outside of school volunteering in her community. She is also an active member of her temple, dances at ‘The School of Steps,’ and is a tutor and teaching assistant for elementary school children. She is not sure what she wants to pursue in life, but she is excited to expand her knowledge and find her passion in college.

Sara Buklan, Chief Graphic Designer

May 30, 2018
Mickey Drexler ’62 (Story)
We've got the news down to a science!
Sara Buklan