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Maha Khan
Maha Khan is the Captions Editor for The Observatory, and a Staff Reporter for The Science Survey. Her favorite part about journalism is the power of information. Maha has a passion for current events, and as such, she utilizes The Science Survey to inform her peers of world news. Photojournalism is another medium that Maha enjoys. For Maha, photography is a way to capture raw emotion and the truth. In her free time, Maha loves to travel, take pictures, keep up with current events, and learn foreign languages. She is a polyglot and can speak Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish, and is currently learning Dutch and Portuguese. In college, she plans to study International Relations and follow a diplomatic track, but she wishes to continue journalism in the future.

Maha Khan, Staff Reporter

Mar 15, 2017
The Game is On: Sherlock Season Four (Story/Media)
We've got the news down to a science!
Maha Khan