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Jason Cheung
Jason Cheung is a Online Newspaper Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a People Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ He enjoys doing journalistic writing because it not only lets his voice be heard, but also allow him to research and learn new topics for articles. He likes taking action photos, as it takes many attempts before he gets one that he’s satisfied with, and it is a way for him to challenges himself in focus and reaction time. Outside of school, he loves to read books, learn computer languages, and beat his own high score in Tetris repeatedly. His favourite book is a toss up between Haruki Murakami’s ‘Norwegian Wood’ and M.T. Anderson’s ‘Feed.’ He plans to major in Computer Science in college in order to pursue a career as a software engineer. He sees himself blogging and continuing to write on a personal website in the future, marketing his own products. In ten years, he sees himself as an independent developer or an entrepreneur who does not need to rely on a company salary any more.

Jason Cheung, Online Newspaper Editor

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Jason Cheung