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Darlene Park
Darlene Park is an Arts and Entertainment Editor for ‘The Science Survey.’ As an Arts and Entertainment Editor, she edits articles covering various branches of creative activities from fine art to film. She is intrigued by how there is no right or wrong answer in journalistic writing and that everyone is given the opportunity to share their interest. As the co-president of the Photography Club, Darlene has always been fascinated how a photograph in itself could tell a story. Ever since she was in preschool, Darlene has kept a photo-diary where she takes a photo every day and writes a short caption underneath. Darlene's love for journalism and photography has grown ever since. When not in class, Darlene enjoys taking photos, drawing, and simply spending time in nature. Darlene is also an aspiring fashion director and editor, and she has been building her fashion brand outside of school. Darlene plans to study visual arts and photojournalism in the future. She wishes to continue her studies outside of Bronx Science and hopes to incorporate them to establish her fashion brand in the future.

Darlene Park, Staff Reporter

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Darlene Park